Neko motorcycle helmets featuring cute cat designs are purr-fect for cosplay and for the road


RocketNews 24 (by Oona McGee):

Cats are continuing on their quest to rule the world, and this time they aim to stop traffic with their cuteness.

This stunning collection of headgear, called Neko Helmets, or “Cat Helmets”, comes in 12 different designs, all featuring an adorable set of cat ears and a variety of color combinations.


The helmets have been created by a Russian company called Nitrinos motostudio, who first unleashed their feline designs at a festival of Japanese culture in 2011. Since then, they’ve developed four custom-made styles which range from basic colour types through to more bold, printed varieties.

▼ Single-colour helmets, featuring either a gloss or matte finish, retail for US$495


▼ Dual colour styles add a second colour and lines on the helmet according to individual specifications for $550.




The tri-colour model ($590) incorporates any three colours of your choosing, which makes it a perfect way to match your helmet with your outfit.



While the designs look amazing, they also have comfort in mind by providing double ventilation and a removable 100% polyester lining. In case of an accident, the fibreglass ears detach without any structural damage to the body of the helmet, and the shape won’t generate any additional resistance at speeds of up to 100 kilometres (62 miles) per hour.

▼ Each helmet weighs 1.78 kilograms (3.9 pounds).


For the full traffic-stopping effect, the company offers a special “aerography” design, which creates complex patterns on the body of the helmet and the visor if requested.



These designs take a little longer to perfect, but with this service they’re able to create your own personal design from any picture or photograph you provide. Which means you’ll be able to protect your head while looking like your own cat or even an anime character like Hello Kitty!


All helmets are made to order within three weeks, with worldwide delivery provided via EMS delivery service.

To check out their full range, visit their website here for more details.

Classified Moto brings this Honda CB 750 Cafe Racer back to life

Virginia-based Classified Moto has been putting its signature flair on vintage motorcycles since it started up back in 2011. Founded by John Ryland, countless “Classified” machines have brought back to life in this workshop and one of its most impressive examples of work has recently been released.

Drawing inspiration from a vintage spacecraft, this Honda CB 750 Cafe Racer took a gruelling four years to complete and taught Ryland and his team “a lot about pricing bikes, estimating timelines, and things to avoid and embrace!” This old school NASA-esque design features a vintage brown leather seat, a quasi-white frame with touches of copper and silver, but the front-end swap modification from a Yama YZF-R6 R and a single-sidedswingarm from a Triumph Sprint ST is what really stands out.

Head over to the Classified Moto website to view more of its custom models.

Yamaha introduces the new XSR700, a custom-style edition of the MT-07.

The inherent risks taken by heritage companies when returning to classic designs is inescapable, as through time, the process has become quite dull and uninteresting. However, Yamaha looks to prove doubters wrong with its new cafe-inspired motorcycle, the XSR700.

In a short promotional clip, the company depicts Japanese-born custom motorcycle builder Shinya Kimura meticulously crafting the XSR700, passing a proverbial torch to a young apprentice. Already receiving high-praise from riders who’ve had the opportunity to test it, the two-wheeled racer avoids the dangerous clichés attached with retro-built automobiles, harmoniously blending high-performance parts with a clean outer-aesthetic, which includes a two-texture leather seat, an aluminum fender, headlight brackets and fuel tank, mesh side panels, exposed engine, a shorter exhaust can and a slew of other accessories. Available in Forest Green and Garage Silver, the XSR700 will go on sale in Europe this November along with its full specs, for a yet-to-be-announced price.

zecOO Electric Motorcycle by Japanese designer Kota Nezu

Yamaha XJR1300 “Dissident” Celebrates Bike’s 20th Anniversary

Doing things the way they’ve historically been done can be a bore sometimes. In terms of motorcycles, Yamaha’s XJR series is one of those standard rides, but the brand knows that a fresh perspective yields compelling results. That’s the thinking behind the Yamaha Yard Built program: first established in 2012, Yard Built allows Yamaha to collaborate with some of the finest aftermarket tune shops around the world – offering new takes on its classics. For the latest release, here we find Yamaha and Porto-based workshop it RoCkS! bikes celebrating 20 years of XJR excellence with the XJR1300 “Dissident.”

With the release intended to elaborate on the existing silhouette without losing its spirit, designers Osvaldo Coutinho and Alexandre Santos made gilded additions to the air flow pipes, four of which flow from the engine through the tail. On top of this, the duo added high-end YZF-R1 forks for a smooth ride, as well as a complex ISR braking system with new cylinders and 340mm dual discs. All this is completed by a handmade leather seat and vintage pearl/gold paint job.

Of particular note, itRoCkS is making all of the additions used publicly available, so interested XJR1300 owners can contact them via Facebook for pricing.

Taiwanese custom shop Rough Crafts’ Winston Yeh showcases his personal, customized Harley-Davidson Sportster

Custom Honda CB1100 by Dimitri Bez

Adhering to the current customized motorcycle trend, industrial designer Dimitri Bez has built his own personalized café racer, inspired by the Honda CB1100. Bez has created a tailored racer that’s both functional and ornate. The tactical CB1100 features polished geometric lines and raw technical elements, resulting in a unique design that balances vintage and modern aesthetics.

Check out Bez’s website for more information on the motorcycle.

Police stop Chiba, Japan’s Batman (“Chibatman”) from taking part in marathon


RocketNews 24:

It seems that regardless of the place, age, or circumstance, vigilantes will always be met with some sort of resistance from the officials. That was the case this week when the Chiba Prefectural Police Department announced that they would not be allowing the mysterious masked citizen, known as “Chibatman,” to participate in next year’s Chiba Kenmin Marathon.

Chibatman, who had originally been approved by the marathon’s event committee to be a pacer for one half of the race astride his custom-built Batpod, was notified that his participation as a local superhero might be too reckless. Representatives of the police force explained their reasoning by saying that while they do think that citizens and residents would be delighted to see Chibatman participate, there is the possibility that spectators might get too excited and move or jump out on to the road in response, causing an obstruction or accident to occur.




Despite this, permission has been granted for the use of Chibatman’s 3-wheeled homemade Batpod, as there is already a precedent for similar vehicles inperformanceand demonstrations such as parades where riders will wave to spectators in the audience. Hopefully this allowance will make the case for Chibatman’s previously planned appearance.




Chibatman, who can usually be seen riding around the streets of the Chiba Prefecture aboard his Batpod in full costume has been an active part of the community, and has been featured in news reports both locally and abroad. According to several interviews with him, his sole motivation is that he wants to make the people of his prefecture smile.

Chibatman’s inspirational stride through Chiba has been going on for approximately three years now.

“Resurrecting a Ruckus”: jeffstaple brings his dead scooter back to life in this short film


The death of New York designer jeffstaple‘s 2002 Honda Ruckus scooter last year left a gap in his life, which he was finally able to fill again by transforming it into a road monster with the help of Alpinestars and Los Angeles-based Cycle World Magazine.

This yearlong process was recorded in the short film ”Resurrecting A Ruckus” which details the modifications the original scooter underwent, including a paint job based on jeffstaple’s signature white, grey and pink Pigeon colorway, and rebuilt components such as a high-performance 66cc sports-kitted engine and Yoshimura carbon fiber R&D exhaust.

The end result was the Staple Ruckus, ready to resume its role as jeffstaple’s trusty steed on the mean streets of New York. Watch the video above, then browse jeffstaple’s other projects here.

Kawasaki introduces the new Ninja H2R

Image of Kawasaki Introduces the New Ninja H2R

Japanese motorcycle maker Kawasaki unveils the latest edition to its acclaimed Kawasaki Ninja H2R line. Designed for speed, the all-new H2R boasts a sharp, aerodynamic carbon fiber armor, providing the exterior precision to cut through winds at top speed. Supercharged with a 998cc incline-four engine that boosts the bike to an impressive 300 horsepower benchmark, the Ninja H2R can reach speeds of up to 200 miles per hour, while 17-inch racing slick tires keep the motorcycle grounded.

Carefully crafted with the expertise of Kawasaki’s aerospace and watercraft divisions, the all-new Kawasaki Ninja H2R is set to debut first at this year’s EICMA show in Milan, Italy.