Police stop Chiba, Japan’s Batman (“Chibatman”) from taking part in marathon


RocketNews 24:

It seems that regardless of the place, age, or circumstance, vigilantes will always be met with some sort of resistance from the officials. That was the case this week when the Chiba Prefectural Police Department announced that they would not be allowing the mysterious masked citizen, known as “Chibatman,” to participate in next year’s Chiba Kenmin Marathon.

Chibatman, who had originally been approved by the marathon’s event committee to be a pacer for one half of the race astride his custom-built Batpod, was notified that his participation as a local superhero might be too reckless. Representatives of the police force explained their reasoning by saying that while they do think that citizens and residents would be delighted to see Chibatman participate, there is the possibility that spectators might get too excited and move or jump out on to the road in response, causing an obstruction or accident to occur.




Despite this, permission has been granted for the use of Chibatman’s 3-wheeled homemade Batpod, as there is already a precedent for similar vehicles inperformanceand demonstrations such as parades where riders will wave to spectators in the audience. Hopefully this allowance will make the case for Chibatman’s previously planned appearance.




Chibatman, who can usually be seen riding around the streets of the Chiba Prefecture aboard his Batpod in full costume has been an active part of the community, and has been featured in news reports both locally and abroad. According to several interviews with him, his sole motivation is that he wants to make the people of his prefecture smile.

Chibatman’s inspirational stride through Chiba has been going on for approximately three years now.

“Resurrecting a Ruckus”: jeffstaple brings his dead scooter back to life in this short film


The death of New York designer jeffstaple‘s 2002 Honda Ruckus scooter last year left a gap in his life, which he was finally able to fill again by transforming it into a road monster with the help of Alpinestars and Los Angeles-based Cycle World Magazine.

This yearlong process was recorded in the short film ”Resurrecting A Ruckus” which details the modifications the original scooter underwent, including a paint job based on jeffstaple’s signature white, grey and pink Pigeon colorway, and rebuilt components such as a high-performance 66cc sports-kitted engine and Yoshimura carbon fiber R&D exhaust.

The end result was the Staple Ruckus, ready to resume its role as jeffstaple’s trusty steed on the mean streets of New York. Watch the video above, then browse jeffstaple’s other projects here.

Kawasaki introduces the new Ninja H2R

Image of Kawasaki Introduces the New Ninja H2R

Japanese motorcycle maker Kawasaki unveils the latest edition to its acclaimed Kawasaki Ninja H2R line. Designed for speed, the all-new H2R boasts a sharp, aerodynamic carbon fiber armor, providing the exterior precision to cut through winds at top speed. Supercharged with a 998cc incline-four engine that boosts the bike to an impressive 300 horsepower benchmark, the Ninja H2R can reach speeds of up to 200 miles per hour, while 17-inch racing slick tires keep the motorcycle grounded.

Carefully crafted with the expertise of Kawasaki’s aerospace and watercraft divisions, the all-new Kawasaki Ninja H2R is set to debut first at this year’s EICMA show in Milan, Italy.

Batman appeared in Chiba Prefecture, Japan!

With the unprecedented success of his Dark Knight Trilogy, Christopher Nolan has single-handedly spawned a new generation of Batman fans – an impressive feat considering the Caped Crusader’s inherent flaw as a superhero (his lack of superpowers). Spider-Man fans would argue that Batman is an inferior character because he’s basically just a guy with cool stuff, while others take solace in the fact they too could be a superhero if they won the lottery.

In Japan (the world capital of cool stuff), one citizen is proving that it’s not quite that easy. A video captured in traffic on a motorway in the Chiba prefecture shows a convincing Dark Knight imposter, complete with Nolan-inspired Bat-suit cruising the streets on the closest thing you can get to a Batpod without spending a ridiculous amount of money. While the impersonator definitely looks the part, he seems to lack the heroic spark that makes the real Batman so great.

Instead of brazenly shooting through lanes of traffic in pursuit of super villains this guy seems to just drive around, diligently obeying road laws.

SUPER taps artist Keiichi Tanaami on design of custom Honda NX650 Motorcycle

As a nod to its Spring/Summer 2014 “MOTORPSYCHO” collectionSUPER tapped iconic Japanese artist Keiichi Tanaami to customize a collaborative motorcycle. Recalling the collection’s “VISIVA” series, the project utilizes a 1988 Honda NX650 from Italy’s Basic Garage as a canvas, applying Tanaami’s intricate lines and bold splashes of color to the black bike’s gas tank and nose cone.

A unique one-off and a celebration of creativity, the Tanaami-customized NX650 will be on display at a variety of exhibitions around the world in the months to come.



Brasse presents the 31BLK Kawasaki Ninja Modification Kit


Brasse introduces the 31BLK, the first production mod kit for the popular Kawasaki Ninja250. The 31BLK features twin gullwing headlamps, drag speedometer, rear fender assembly, right and left component/cover panels, and right and left lower fairings with bridging parts. The kit allows you to transform your Ninja250 by simply removing its stock fairings and bolting on the 31BLK—no electrical or mechanical modifications required.
The kit also includes an innovative quick-release passenger seat (optional), to go from street fighter to second seat and back again in seconds. When not in use, the passenger seat is stored on the front of the bike by locking in place with a double slam-latch mounting bracket. When it’s time to give someone a lift, simply unlatch, and slide the parallel 13-inch solid steel rods back into the frame and pin-lock in place.
The 31BLK Kawasaki Ninja modification kit is now available at Brasse for $1,695 USD.
Check out this link:

Honda Unveils NM4 Series Motorcycles


Image of Honda Unveils NM4 Series Motorcycles
Honda took to the 30th Osaka Motorcycle Show in Japan to announce a new series of wild geometrical concepts intended for production in the near future. The NM04 series, comprised of the NM4-01 and NM4-02 (a utility-focused sibling), takes aesthetic inspiration from the canon of Japanese manga and illustration – “mechs,” to be specific.
Each version will sport the 745cc twin-cylinder as seen on Honda’s NC series, paired with a Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) to facilitate gear switches in unexpected situations. While still in the concept phase, look for more news on this futuristic design as the year progresses.
Image of Honda Unveils NM4 Series Motorcycles
Image of Honda Unveils NM4 Series Motorcycles