The food porn superstars of South Korea: Mukbang

The internet serves as a valuable vehicle for the exchange of resources, knowledge and ideas. However, the platform can ostensibly be used as a congregation space for some bizarre rituals. Vice‘s food channel Munchies has focused its recent efforts on a fast growing phenomenon in South Korea called Mukbang, where foodies would broadcast their meals to a live audience.

The video explores this strange occurrence in a country where single households are quickly increasing, revealing some surprising reasons behind its popularity. Enjoy the video above.

Eddie Huang to Launch ‘HUANG’S WORLD’ on MUNCHIES (Vice TV)


Despite the Eddie Huang‘s forthcoming television show, the chef-turned-personality maintains a relationship with Vice. Neither party is one for a grave sense of seriousness, and as such have teamed up to launch a new (kind of) show on Vice‘s MUNCHIES site.

Dubbed “Huang’s World,” the show will fill the void left by Huang’s previous series, telling stories of worldwide communities through the lens of food. To launch Huang’s World, Vice has just released a funny new trailer featuring Huang resolving the dilemma of re-naming his show.

Featuring an all-star cast that includes cameos from Rob Dyrdek and Schoolboy Q, enjoy the introductory clip above.