Muji (Japan) furnishes Narita International Airport’s new Terminal 3

New ‘9 Hour’ Japanese airport hotel looks straight out of ‘The Fifth Element’

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Leave it to the Japanese to make the most high-tech and convenient solution for a problem we all hate — delayed and cancelled flights. Introducing “9h Nine Hourshotel, an accommodation found in Tokyo’s Narita International Airport and downtown Kyoto that will make you feel like you are in a futuristic movie. 9h is as science fiction as you can get, with sleeping pods that resemble honeycombs and locker rooms and personal showers that can refresh any weary traveler.


9h is also very practical, especially for delayed passengers staying for just short durations. You can stay anywhere from one hour to 10 days, according to the website. Booking ahead at Narita will cost around 3,900 yen ($32.92) per night, and last-minute deals reach up to 6,440 yen ($54.29). However, delayed passengers can also just stop in for a nap or quick shower, which can cost just a few dollars each according to time spent.

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When you check in, you receive a pod number, locker key, towel and a robe which you return when you check out. What 9h doesn’t offer or allow is food, however, so you will have to eat whatever is available in the airport.


The term “nine hours” refers to the standard time for a refreshing stay — one hour to shower and get ready for bed, seven hours to sleep, and one hour to relax and prepare for your journey ahead.




Sections are separated by gender, and each sleeping unit is built with a Panasonic sleeping system to induce sleep and wake you up by adjusting the brightness of the light.




If you are ever in Japan, you should definitely stay here. So far, the hotel has garnered positive reviews.