Medicom Toy (Japan) x Oakley Frogskins Bearbrick for BEAMS

Longstanding Japanese toy label Medicom Toy outfits its hallmark Bearbrick model with a pair of Oakley’s Frogskins sunglasses for a new release for compatriot retailer BEAMS. The collaboration embodies Oakley’s slick vibe on an equitably smooth translucent Bearbrick, featuring the brand logo on the chest alongside a screen of the silhouette on the toy’s face.

Arriving as a special, limited-edition gift at BEAMS locations in Harajuku, Nagoya, Yokohama and Shibuya, pick up this iteration of the Bearbrick beginning April 17.


A Bathing Ape unveils its first eyewear line


Image of A Bathing Ape Unveils Its First Eyewear Line


Extending its realm onto another offshoot, longstanding streetwear imprint A Bathing Ape presents an all-new eyewear line. While previous endeavors include collaborative efforts with Oakley and Sunpocket, alongside the BAPE HIPHOPISH SUNGLASSES — an iteration of the classic wayfarer silhouette — the new eyewear line will debut the brand’s first full collection for 2014 spring/summer.

A Bathing Ape takes to its webpage to announce this latest expansion, showcasing an iconic BAPE face with customized frames. Be sure to cycle back here to check up on the first collection and its release dates.


Check out this link:

A Bathing Ape unveils its first eyewear line



fragment design (Japan) x Oakley “Buena Vista” Frogskins


Image of fragment design x Oakley "Buena Vista" Frogskins

Hiroshi Fujiwara‘s fragment design has yet again paired up with Oakley for a pair of “Buena Vista” Frogskins for the spring season. The all black frame offers up a classic and sleek aesthetic that works as a versatile companion for basking in summer weather. Oakley’s subtle text branding at the temples maintain the stealthy look and strategically positioned logo branding toward the temple tips mark this collaborative effort.

These dashing pair of sunnies will be exclusively available to the POOL Aoyama when it opens April 5.


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fragment design (Japan) x Oakley “Buena Vista” Frogskins