Incredible “Bubble Art” by Su Chung Tai, Taiwan’s “Bubble Performance Master”

Laughing Squid:

Taipei production team Kuma Films takes a break from its usual fare to capture the amazing work of Su Chung Tai, a Taiwanese performance artist who creates some truly impressive pieces of bubble art. The “Bubble Performance Master” manipulates bubbles in some really astounding ways, including complex chains of up to 30 bubbles.

ZHU “Paradise Awaits” Music Video


Anonymous dance producer ZHU recently took to New York’s Opening Ceremony to unveil a limited-edition 7″ vinyl. Those who purchase the record will also receive a ticket inside the sleeve to one of ZHU’s secret performances in the city dubbed THE NIGHTDAY EXPERIENCE.

Coinciding with the record’s release, Opening Ceremony premiered the Tomek Ducki-directed music video for ZHU‘s “Paradise Awaits,” an uplifting house-meets-disco number from his NightDay EP. The visuals feature various kaleidoscopic 3D illustrations that move in synchronization to the track’s tempo, culminating into one conceptual art piece.

Check out the video here and head to Opening Ceremony for more on THE NIGHTDAY EXPERIENCE.


Artist Profile: Camouflage performance artist Liu Bolin’s “The Heroic Apparation” at Scream in London


Chinese based photographer/fine artist/performance artist/street artist/camouflage king Liu Bolin just opened a new series of works at Scream in London.

The Heroic Apparition” is Bolin’s first solo show in the UK, another wonderful series of politically themed works based on exploring identity and the position of artist in China


Check out this link:


Artist Profile: Camouflage performance artist Liu Bolin’s “The Heroic Apparation” at Scream in London



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Artist Profile: Tenzing Rigdol


Check out the works of Tibetan artist Tenzing Rigdol this morning. Tenzing’s work ranges from painting, sculpture, drawing and collage, to digital, performance art. Widely exhibited internationally, the artist currently lives and works in New York.

Check out this link:

Artist Profile: Tenzing Rigdol

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Genki Sudo: “Welcome To Tokyo”

For those unfamiliar with World Order, they are a Japanese “band” created in 2009 by former mixed martial artist, Genki Sudo, that incorporate music, slow-motion movement and dance into their visually stunning videos.

They are finally back in 2013 with an all new track and music video entitled “Welcome To Tokyo.”


Sculptures by Zhang Huan


Chinese artist Zhang Huan has become well known for his performance art as well as his sculptural works. This morning we take a look through a collection of some of his sculptures including this 2011 piece titled Q Confucius No.2, a ‘massive silica-gel, mechanical bust of an unclothed Confucius rests in a rectangular pool.’ The sculpture’s breast rises and falls as if the object were breathing!

Check out this link:

Sculptures by Zhang Huan



Japanese performance troupe “enra” presents “FUMA-KAI,” blending live performers and projected animation

Check out Japanese performance art troupe enra as they present the piece, FUMA-KAI.

Performers fire virtual arrows and spar with floating spheres in this tightly choreographed performance piece that blends live performance and computer animated projection.