Incredible “Bubble Art” by Su Chung Tai, Taiwan’s “Bubble Performance Master”

Laughing Squid:

Taipei production team Kuma Films takes a break from its usual fare to capture the amazing work of Su Chung Tai, a Taiwanese performance artist who creates some truly impressive pieces of bubble art. The “Bubble Performance Master” manipulates bubbles in some really astounding ways, including complex chains of up to 30 bubbles.


Artist Profile: Camouflage performance artist Liu Bolin’s “The Heroic Apparation” at Scream in London


Chinese based photographer/fine artist/performance artist/street artist/camouflage king Liu Bolin just opened a new series of works at Scream in London.

The Heroic Apparition” is Bolin’s first solo show in the UK, another wonderful series of politically themed works based on exploring identity and the position of artist in China


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Artist Profile: Camouflage performance artist Liu Bolin’s “The Heroic Apparation” at Scream in London



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Japanese performance artist Mariko Mori on nature, liberation and the current state of performance


Japanese performance artist Mariko Mori weightlessly floats between diverse topics from consumerism and technology to ancient Japanese Jōmon culture and Celtic tradition.

Somewhere between a spiritual being and a futuristic alien, Mori weaves together the most disparate of subject matters, revealing the interconnectedness of all things. Sacred rituals and pop culture trends, cyber fantasies and feminist dreams all are wrapped up in Mori’s holistic purview.

The iconic artist is having a renaissance this fall, as she’s hosting her first US solo show in over a decade. Appropriately dubbed “Rebirth,” the exhibition explores how art and technology shape the world around us, spanning back to the origins of being.

Our life was inherited from our very remote ancestors and given to us now and we will transfer it to future generations…. The chain of life reaching back through history,” Mori explained to the museum.

“Rebirth” features a performance by Mori herself, playing a shaman-like role to entice viewers into a meditative state.

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Japanese Performance Artist Mariko Mori