This kid’s Big Hero 6 cosplay is out of this world!


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How is your cosplay so perfect…?” “How did you escape from the movie screen?!” “Are you ACTUALLY Hiro?”

For Filipino artist and self-confessed “cosplay dork” Jin, questions like these are a regular occurrence. Already an internationally recognised cosplayer, when promo images for Big Hero 6 were released last year, Jin began to get messages from fans pointing out an uncanny resemblance to the film’s central protagonist Hiro Hamada. Which is pretty interesting, seeing Big Hero 6 is a Disney movie and Hiro is, of course, computer-animated.

Intrigued, Jin tried it out – and has been cosplaying Hiro ever since. Fast-forward a few months and Jin and friends continue to produce incredibly realistic, beautifully produced photos of cosplayed Big Hero 6 scenes. Join us after the jump as we take a look!

In case you haven’t seen the movie and don’t know what Hiro looks like, here’s the Big Hero 6 trailer:

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 10.03.59

And here’s Jin cosplaying him!


Hiro is Disney’s first Japanese protagonist, and also the only character in the movie with that awesome spiky anime hair. All in all he’s just about the ideal Disney character to cosplay.



In a blog post on tumblr, Jin goes into some detail about the disarming experience of seeing a Disney character that looks just like you. When brother Miguel saw a picture of Hiro for the first time, they were both so struck by the likeness that Miguel said, “like seeing Disney renders of you!” And when the pair finally saw the movie together, Miguel kept prodding Jin, going “It’s you! It’s you!

There really are some striking physical similarities – as we can see in this imagine Jin posted of the shape of their front teeth side-by-side.


That’s not to say that the likeness is all natural though. There’s an impressive amount of work gone into completing this look, from the hand-finished wig to the tea leaves Jin uses to black out Hiro’s tooth gap.

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 10.10.21
Real-life brother Miguel even joins Jin as Hiro’s big brother Tadashi in a series of shots cosplaying the family.

▼ They’ve both got that crooked smile down to a tee, for sure.



With cosplay group Tuxedo Team, Jin and Miguel focus on shoots, rather than attending cosplay competitions.

In an interview with Filipino Japan pop culture website Magnetic Rose a few years ago, Jin explained the motivation behind this:

“My friends and I aren’t really the competitive sort so we’re really happy just coming up with photos that express our appreciation for a series. A lot of our costumes are quite simple, so there’s not much point in competing with them against the many brilliant cosplayers in our local community.”

Above all, the team’s Big Hero 6 cosplay series is proof that a simple idea done really well can be the most effective art.

▼ Here they are joined by NyanKat as Aunt Cass.


▼ Check out the characters next to their animated counterparts.

family 2



MR PORTER (Japan) presents “The Journal” featuring Travi$ Scott


Image of MR PORTER's "The Journal" featuring Travi$ Scott

MR PORTER recently introduced Travi$ Scott in its latest edition of its editorial The Journal. The Texan-born rapper has worked with no small number of other successful artists including Jay Z and Kanye West to name a few despite his young age at just 21. For this shoot, Scott donned simple outfits embodying a refined casual aesthetic.

Featured items from select luxury brands included a leather jacket from Givenchy, a sweater from Burberry and sweats from Neil Barrett.

For the complete feature including Scott’s origins and rise to fame, check out the latest edition of The Journal here.

Check out this link:

Image of MR PORTER's "The Journal" featuring Travi$ Scott
Image of MR PORTER's "The Journal" featuring Travi$ Scott
Image of MR PORTER's "The Journal" featuring Travi$ Scott
Image of MR PORTER's "The Journal" featuring Travi$ Scott 

Stars from Murakami’s ‘Jellyfish Eyes’ movie featured in December/January Harper’s Bazaar


Known for its elaborate visual editorials, Harper’s Bazaar employed model Angela Lindvall and revered polymath Takashi Murakami for a photoshoot to be featured in its forthcoming December/January issue.

Though the co-stars of these images look as if they jumped right out of a Murakami painting, they are actually a collection of characters that were featured in his most recent film, Jellyfish Eyes.With photography credits going to Jason Schmidt, you can also catch Haper’s Bazaar‘s full interview with Murakami here.

Check out this link:

Stars from Murakami’s ‘Jellyfish Eyes’ movie featured in Harper’s Bazaar

murakamis-jellyfish-eyes-stars-in-harpers-bazaar-1 murakamis-jellyfish-eyes-stars-in-harpers-bazaar-2 murakamis-jellyfish-eyes-stars-in-harpers-bazaar-4 murakamis-jellyfish-eyes-stars-in-harpers-bazaar-5 murakamis-jellyfish-eyes-stars-in-harpers-bazaar-7