POW! WOW! Japan (street art festival) 2015 recap

Art collective POW! WOW! has just wrapped up half of its tour of Asia with artists like Case, Fafi, Ben Horton, Kevin Ancell, Omen, Sasu and many more showing their work to the masses.

With dozens of murals painted along the walls of the Tennozu area, crowds poured through to admire the work, marking the event as a resounding success and cementing the showing in an Asian market. Stay tuned for more work as it becomes available.



POW! WOW! Hawai’i 2015 begins with a Holoholo Tour hosted by John “Prime” Hina

In celebration of the ongoing POW! WOW! Hawaii, festival organizers have released a video highlighting an annual ritual. Hoping to encourage cultural exchange, participating artists are led on a tour around the island of Hawaii every year, visiting a variety of significant historical and cultural locations.

This year features a “holoholo” told by Hawaii native John “Prime” Hina. Similar to artist’s aspirations to inspire with their creations, Hina hopes his storytelling will spark attendees’ interests in their own heritage. Besides its obvious geographic isolation, Hawaii stands as an anomaly among the rest of the United States, having been able to keep more of its rich, vibrant, yet complicated native culture intact relative to anywhere else in the country.

Enjoy Hina’s compelling words in the Michael Inouye video above.

POW! WOW! Taiwan 2014 Video

After taking Taipei by storm, the POW! WOW! team takes a look back at its first-ever venture into Taiwan. Directed by Vincent Ricafort, this lengthy recap of POW! WOW! Taiwan 2014 does well to highlight its quest to paint massive murals in the Taiwanese capital, even dealing with typhoons as the festival brought together street art heavyweights like Aaron De La Cruz, Apex, Dabs1, INSA, James Jean, Brendan Monroe, and Madsteez, as well as regional talents Reach, Mr.OGAY, Seazk, Saym, Zishi, Xue, and Vita Yang.

Enjoy the piece above and head on over to POW! WOW!’s blog for a slide show of some imagery from the event.

Details on the upcoming POW! WOW! Hawaii 2015 art festival

In preparation of the art gathering in Hawaii happening next month, POW! WOW! has released program details including participating artists and the event schedule. The annual festival hopes to inspire a broader community through art, while increasing exposure of the artists both local and international.

This year’s event will take place between February 7 and February 14, and will include a line-up of 40 artists. Following a successful event in Taiwan, the progressive art initiative is now looking to expand globally, targeting California, Singapore, Washington D.C. and a handful of others cities.

For more information on the upcoming event, visit their webpage.

Street Art: POW WOW! Taiwan- Summer Episode Video

Back in September, Hypebeast published a write-up about CANLOVE, the artistic duo comprised of DJ Neff and Paul Ramirez dedicated to transforming empty spray cans into the very thing they’re used to produce: art.

Over the summer, POW! WOW! Taiwan and Fubon Art Foundation enlisted their help to create colorful installations out of 900 discarded canisters, all painstakingly collected by volunteers post-festival. In October, a quick 30 second trailer to a short called the Summer Episode was released, which offered a glimpse of Neff and Ramirez at work, plus a few shots of some murals. The full clip is now up online, and not only does it feature CANLOVE cutting and spraying away for the project, but we also get brief commentary from artists Will Barras and Reach about their thoughts and experiences painting large walls.

SAVE ART Project 001 featuring Aaron Kai


In collaboration with POW! WOW! Hawaii, the first project in the SAVE ART initiative features the work of Hawaiian muralist and artist Aaron Kai. As a private non-profit charity that promotes art through education, SAVE ART asked Kai to appropriate a vintage Herman Miller “Surfboard” table with his signature colorful “post-pop” wave motifs to create a piece that could be sold, from which all the proceeds will go to POW! WOW! Hawaii.

Watch the video above for the process of producing the piece, and head over here for more on the SAVE ART project.




Art News: POW! WOW! Taiwan x Imperial Taels x Hua Tunan Project

Image of POW! WOW! Taiwan x Imperial Taels x Hua Tunan Project


POW! WOW! Taiwan and jewelry brand Imperial Taels enlisted street artist Hua Tunan for one hell of an epic mural, which is located nearby Taipei’s SOGO department store.

Drawing inspiration from classical Chinese imagery, the visually stunning piece displays two lions emblazoned in a mosaic wash of bold colors set in a gorgeous mountainous landscape. Signing off the three-way joint venture is a POW! WOW! Taiwan red seal stamped on the top left corner, while the right side bears the Imperial Taels seal with Hua Tunan’s personal signature in calligraphy sitting atop.


 Image of POW! WOW! Taiwan x Imperial Taels x Hua Tunan Project

Image of POW! WOW! Taiwan x Imperial Taels x Hua Tunan Project

Image of POW! WOW! Taiwan x Imperial Taels x Hua Tunan Project

Image of POW! WOW! Taiwan x Imperial Taels x Hua Tunan Project

Image of POW! WOW! Taiwan x Imperial Taels x Hua Tunan Project

Image of POW! WOW! Taiwan x Imperial Taels x Hua Tunan Project

Image of POW! WOW! Taiwan x Imperial Taels x Hua Tunan Project

Image of POW! WOW! Taiwan x Imperial Taels x Hua Tunan Project