J-pop unit Perfume’s innovative projection mapping at SXSW performance creates worldwide buzz


RocketNews 24:

Perfume, the three-member electro-pop group from Hiroshima, Japan, took to the stage for a special performance at the 2015 South by Southwest (SXSW) festival in Austin, Texas. The annual event, held this year from March 13-22, always includes a unique lineup of musical artists, independent films, conference panels, and technological exhibitions, all carefully selected to showcase the highest levels of creativity in the current industry.

Even in that environment, Perfume’s musical and dance performance seems to have blown away the crowd with its ground-breaking use of projected visuals. Is their performance really happening in the physical world? Folks from around the world who’ve seen the video online say it’s enough to give them goosebumps!

The lovely ladies of Perfume, Kashiyuka, A~chan, and Nocchi, are no strangers to the world circuit, having embarked on sold-out concert tours in not just Asia, but in Europe and North America as well. As a result of all of this international exposure, the group was invited to perform at SXSW in the U.S., where they’ve already built up a considerable fanbase. And if those lucky fans have any say in it, this particular concert is likely to go down as legendary in the history of Perfume’s live performances.

  ▼ The trio as seen on their official website.11

The group performed at SXSW on Tuesday, March 17, taking the stage for 50 minutes beginning at the late (early?) hour of 1 a.m. As part of the set list, Perfume performed a new song called “STORY (SXSW-MIX) for the first time ever which involved the use of adjustable, semi-transparent screens onto which a variety of images were projected. The girls danced in front of, behind, and around the screens while being hit with a deluge of constantly shifting patterns and lights.

If you weren’t lucky enough to catch the trio in person, you can see the video of the performance right here:

Osaka 3-D Mapping Super Illumination

Japan Times:

In the last couple of years, 3-D projection mapping has rapidly gained popularity, especially after the Tokyo Station show in 2012, which lit up and manipulated the entire facade of the station.

This year, the Osaka Government Tourism Bureau and Nagasaki Huis Ten Bosch theme park have planned what they promise will be another must-see display. The show will be projected on one of city’s most famous landmark’s — Osaka Castle. Last year, a similar performance attracted 600,000 visitors, and this year the display of sound, music and colorful images has evolved even further.

You will see the castle burn, collapse, rotate and even disappear in a vibrant form of entertainment that you could never see in the daylight.

Date Dec 13, 2014 -> Mar 01, 2015
Time Between 6-10:30 p.m., the show is approximately 30 minutes.
Price ¥1,700 for standard seats and ¥3,100 for premium seats
Website http://www.tenka1hikari.jp/

Japanese CGI expert Nobumichi Asai on the future of “Face Hacking”

In a presentation titled “Face Hacking,” prominent Japanese CGI expert Nobumichi Asai and a supporting team of creative developers, technicians, and makeup artists have collaborated to offer a glimpse at the progress that have been made in the fields of face tracking and 3D projection.

During the almost four-minute showcase, 3D projections altered the faces of two seated subjects with precision attributed to advanced face tracking mechanisms. As the men moved their heads, blinked and shifted their gaze, the projected robotic, skull or cheetah faces did the same. Considering the fact that the harmonized technological union can be applied to a variety of fields such as medicine, television and video games, it seems as if we are on the horizon of a new age in virtual reality.



Projection mapping coming to Cinderella’s Castle at Tokyo Disneyland

Projection mapping is coming to Cinderella’s Castle at Tokyo Disneyland. Although the theme park’s Once Upon a Time projection mapping show’s first performance hasn’t been held yet, Tokyo Disney Resort has released test footage to whet fans’ appetite for the real thing.

The visuals seen in the video were created using a 1/30 scale mockup of Cinderella’s Castle, which serves as the symbol of Tokyo Disneyland, much as it does at Florida’s Magic Kingdom.

Framed as a story being told by Beauty and the Beast’s sentient teapot Mrs. Potts to her son, Chip, Disney says visitors can look forward to seeing appearances by characters from Alice in Wonderland. In the footage available we can spot the White Rabbit, late as usual, scurrying about his business, as well as the ramparts of the castle being covered in the playing card motif featured in the 1951 film.


Thanks to clever projection mapping, Osaka Castle crumbles before your very eyes


A Real Japanese Castle Appears To Crumble Before Your Very Eyes

Yes, that’s a giant samurai sword slicing Osaka Castle in half. No, the sword is not real. The castle, however, is.

Osaka Castle is being illuminated with projection mapping until next February. Osaka Castle fell and burned during the mid-19th century. And as World War II raged, the castle and its grounds housed a military arsenal and military barracks that were bombed during the war.

A Real Japanese Castle Appears To Crumble Before Your Very Eyes


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Thanks to clever projection mapping, Osaka Castle crumbles before your very eyes