Asian fast food items you won’t find in the U.S.


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We first explored KFC menu items that can only be found in Asia, but what about the rest of the well-known American fast-food chains? There are so many yummy menu items only found in Asia that you’ll have to explore (and get hungry) for yourself, but below are some of the more interesting ones we found:

Nacho Fries– Wendy’s, Japan


This is definitely not a classic Wendy’s menu item, but who doesn’t love nachos? Wendy’s Japan created the Nacho Fries which consists of classic fries, guacamole, chili, cheese and– for a kick– jalapeños

McRice Burger — McDonald’s, Philippines


In the U.S., we rave over the ramen burger. In the Philippines, they sandwich a chicken or beef patty between two crispy rice patties! Could this inspire us to create the next burger trend in the U.S.?

Dry Pork and Seaweed Donut — Dunkin Donuts, China


If you thought adding bacon to a maple donut was a bit odd, then you might be hesitant to try this sugar glazed donut topped with dry pork and crunchy seaweed. It sounds like it would be too much of a salty overload rather than a sweet treat.

Ebi Shrimp Filet-O —  McDonald’s, Japan


If you love shrimp, this is all you. It’s a simple fried shrimp patty paired with thousand island dressing and lettuce between their signature sesame seed bun.

Veg Sammi — Subway, India


If you’re vegetarian and think American fast food doesn’t have enough veggie items, you’re probably right. Subways in India carry a wide array of meat-less options and include ingredients you won’t find in American Subways. For instance, this Veg Sammi consists of a vegetarian kabob made of lentils, garlic and onions.

Green Tea Blizzard — Dairy Queen, Thailand


With the green tea and matcha trend running rampant, why hasn’t this made its way to the U.S. yet? Who doesn’t want to have a green tea blizzard served upside down?

Incredibly clever loaf-of-bread-turned-lunch-box is truly the best thing since sliced bread

SB 1

RocketNews 24:

Earlier this week, Twitter user Near 13 had what she described as an Otsukare Party, a casual celebration with coworkers or classmates to mark the end of a project. For the meal, each member of the group brought something to eat or drink, and given the wide variety of pre-made food available in Japan, it’s likely most of the participants stopped by the supermarket on the way to the party.

One of Near 13’s friends, though, brought a homemade dish. Although semantically, we’re not sure if you can use the word “dish” to describe a whole loaf of bread, which is what it looked like the friend was offering to share.

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But hey, home-baked bread is probably tastier than the store-bought variety, right? Still, with 10 diners to split the loaf between, it might have been considerate to slice it ahead of time, don’t you think?

Actually, Near 13’s friend did make exactly one lengthy cut along the top edge of the loaf. If she’d done anymore, though, it would have ruined the surprise when she removed the crust to reveal this:

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It turns out the entire loaf was packed with sandwiches made from the bread that had been hollowed out of it. Looking inside, we can see Japanese standbys such as ham and egg sandwiches, plus others with what appear to be cucumbers, smoked salmon, and even strawberries and cream (the last being a popular item in Japanese convenience stores).

This month’s slightly bizarre Japanese Twitter trend is showing off overly full Subway sandwiches


RocketNews 24:

Subway may be as popular in Japan as it is in the US–which isn’t really surprising, since the company advertises itself as a healthy meal option. We’re not sure how healthy the sandwiches actually are, but that’s marketing for you. Nevertheless, it is true that a Subway sandwich certainly contains a lot more vegetables than, say, a Big Mac and fries.

And if you’re one of these Japanese Twitter users, your sandwich is literally bursting with vegetables! We’re not sure if this really a lifehack or not, but it is a way to get a sub sandwich and a salad all for price of the just the former.

“This Subway [in the second building of the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Tokyo] has something called the ‘Infinity Destroyer,’ which has stuff like five times as much roast beef, and the ‘Giant Sub,’ which is almost 45 cm long and uses special ‘hand-knitted’ bread. They have the perfect menu for when you want to eat a lot!”

Subway (2)

Subway (1)

So, next time you’re in a Subway in Tokyo, be sure to ask for “yasai jougen made” to get a sandwich absolutely packed with veggies! And maybe get some salad dressing too…