Surgery, diet, and sunscreen transform heavy, swarthy Thai boy into slender, tan-free lady

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RocketNews 24:

We get that the whole point of cosmetic surgery is often to dramatically change one’s appearance, beyond what’s possible through ordinary means. Likewise, if someone’s had a sex change operation, we don’t really expect the before and after pics to show a strong resemblance.

Even still, those procedures don’t automatically change your skin tone or cut your body fat percentage in half, which is why the Internet is taking notice of this slim transgender woman from Thailand who used to be a pudgy boy.

As a country that’s relatively accepting of both plastic surgery and transgender individuals, in Thailand, stories of attractive young women who started out as men aren’t nearly as uncommon as in other nations. Even still, when images of this transgender woman showed up on Weibo, the online portal of the Chinese Thai-centered Sing Sian Yer Pao Daily News, they garnered plenty of attention from those wanting to get an eyeful of her flowing hair, long eyelashes, and ample cleavage.

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Visitors to her Facebook page were met by more photos of her dressed in revealing outfits that showed off her feminine figure.

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As a matter of fact, until now, that’s all one could find on her Facebook page, which was previously devoid of any photos taken prior to her sex change operation. Recently, though, she shared a glimpse of her past self, and the gap between her old and new appearance is startlingly wide.

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Apparently, the woman used to be a heavy-set, heavily-tanned boy. Just to be clear, the left half of the above photo isn’t taken at an odd angle that makes the boy look pudgier than he really was, as proven by this shirtless snapshot.

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The change is so dramatic that the media is scrambling to find out which clinics the woman had her procedures done at, with Thai variety program Weeknight Show planning a special on their findings. From the looks of things, though, it’ll take more than the same doctors to duplicate her transformation, which arguably owes as much to long hours in the gym and judicious use of sunscreen as it does to modern surgical techniques.