Chinese street showcases fake brands


From Starbucks to “SFCCCKS,” Hugo Boss to “Hugo Bgss,” and Zara to “Zare,” these famous brands seem to have blatantly morphed into their counterfeit counterparts on this street in China.


Chinese Street Showcases Fake Brands picture


Merchants leasing these ground-floor store spaces of the Shimao Skyscraper, in China’s Jiangsu Province, have taken faux merchandise to a level so flagrant that the differences in the logos are simply mismatched spellings. However, their colors, forms and designs all seem to be exact copies of the originals.


Chinese Street Showcases Fake Brands picture


In a seemingly paradoxical statement, owners of these stores claim that attracting investors is their key target for running their businesses.

But such a façade of counterfeiting has drawn the ire of many critics, who refer to such acts as blatant infringement of copyright laws.


Chinese Street Showcases Fake Brands picture


As for the number of investors they hope for, time will tell whether or not their strategies lead to results. Oh well, but we all hope that their coffee doesn’t SFCCCKS!


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Chinese street showcases fake brands