Billionaire Jack Ma’s Alibaba is sending Chinese gay couples to get married in California


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Alibaba, along with Chinese companies Taobao and Danlan, are doing something extra special for several Chinese gay couples this Valentine’s Day — they’re helping them tie the knot in Los Angeles’ most fabulous town.

Chinese LGBT news site Danlan, along with Blued, China’s leading gay dating app, and three LGBT nonprofits, recently teamed up to hold an online contest to find 10 lucky couples to be awarded with California-based wedding and honeymoon packages. The winning pairs were chosen by 75,000 voting netizens out of more than 400 video submissions of couples telling their love story.

Melanie Lee, a spokesperson for Alibaba, said the contest “hopes to evoke respect and understanding of homosexuality and support the realization of dreams … It’s more of a symbolic kind of gesture.”

West Hollywood Mayor John D’Amico, who lives in WeHo with his partner Keith and their two dogs, will serve as a wedding witness. Gay marriage is illegal in China and the couples’ weddings will not be recognized in their own country, but when love is on the line, you just have to go for it.

This also isn’t the first time Alibaba has launched an LGBT-friendly campaign; last year, they featured a gay couple in their promo video for “Single’s Day” in Asia, according to Shanghaiist.

Chinese online retailer Alibaba sets a new record with $8 Billion USD in sales in a single day

Image of Chinese Online Retailer Alibaba Sets a New Record with $8 Billion USD in Sales in a Single Day

Chinese online retailer Alibaba is not afraid to make waves. After putting the world on notice with an IPO valuing the company at $168 billion (for reference, Amazon had a valuation of $438 million when they went public), Alibaba has just set a new earth-shattering record with $8 billion USD in sales in just 24 hours.

Coinciding with Single’s Day – a Chinese shopping holiday billed as an “anti-Valentines” day held on November 11 – the landmark figure sets a new precedent in retail sales, and easily breaks the previous record of $5.8 billion, set by Alibaba during last year’s Single’s Day. Fun fact: $2 billion worth of sales were made in the first hour alone.

Chinese man proposes marriage standing in a heart made of $95K worth of iPhone 6’s, still gets turned down

iPhone Marriage Proposal Heart

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There’s nothing like a grand gesture when proposing marriage, and they don’t get much grander than blowing nearly $100,000 on a stack of iPhone 6 devices, arranging them in the shape of a heart, and standing in the middle to pop the question. Surely, such a gesture cannot fail? Sadly, a Chinese computer programmer found out it’s not a sure-fire winner this week, when he proposed to his girlfriend using exactly this tactic.

Apparently, according to local reports, the love-struck guy spent the equivalent of $95,000 on 99 iPhone 6 smartphones, and proposed to his girlfriend while standing in the middle of the carefully arranged iPhone-heart, holding a bunch of flowers. The answer was no.

There are no details on why she turned the iPhone fan down, but it could be she preferred Android, or didn’t think spending the rest of her life with a man who had just happily spent what the average Chinese worker earns in 17 years would be a good idea. Regardless, that leaves the presumably now single man with a lot of Apple iPhones. Still, at least they are in their boxes, so selling them off shouldn’t be difficult.

The proposal took place just before Singles Day in China, where singletons celebrate (or not) being unattached, while everyone else spends billions online, making November 11 the world’s largest online shopping day. Coincidence? Probably, unless an enterprising company came up with this as a ruse to gain attention.

Apple put the iPhone 6 on sale in China during October, after reportedly attracting 20 million pre-orders, along with massive queues outside stores, and rabid media attention.