Japanese sleep experts: We’ve been using our blankets all wrong when we sleep


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Whether you’re a lark or an owl, or even something else, a good night’s sleep is crucial to your health and well-being. And with the cold season upon us, it’s also important to stay relatively warm at night, lest you aggravate any existing conditions or symptoms that could impair your work or school performance.

With that in mind, sleeping experts at Nemuri Lab in Japan, as reported by RocketNews24, have come out to tell everyone that they’re using their blankets all wrong.

While most of us sleep with a lighter blanket or sheet on top of us and then a comforter layered on top, that’s not the most efficient way to keep warm, Nemuri Lab experts say.

Using the example of ducks or geese, whose only source of warmth is the body heat held in by their own their feathers, sleep experts advise using the comforter as the first layer in order to help keep in body heat, with the lighter covering going on top.

For the ultimate in warmth, however, the Nemuri Lab experts instruct would-be sleepers to first roll themselves up in their lighter blanket. As RocketNews24 puts it:

Spread the blanket out before you get into bed, and lie down on top of it to better retain the heat that would dissipate out of your back.

Top everything off with your comforter, and voila, you will be nice and toasty to start off your next big day.