YouTuber conducts social experiment to test Japanese people’s legendary honesty

Japanese YouTuber Zenim at the channel Monkey Python decided to carry out a little social experiment.

He walked around the Harajuku area and intentionally dropped his wallet immediately after passing by some people. He then kept walking and waited to see if anyone returned the wallet, of if they kept the leather treasure for themselves.

How many of the 15 tests ended in honesty? Watch the video to find out:

Here’s what happens when strangers drop their wallets next to kids in Japan

Next Shark/Upworthy:

A heartwarming social experiment designed by the Japanese Red Cross put young children’s kindness to the test.

The experiment sets out to answer the questions: When kids are by themselves and a stranger next to them drops a wallet, what will the kids do? Will they take the wallet, leave it on the ground or let the stranger know?

The kids’ reactions, while inspiring, may not be so unusual, according to some experts. Paul Bloom, a psychology professor at Yale University, writes that humans have the ability to differentiate between good and evil from birth.

Humans are born with a hard-wired morality, a sense of good and evil is bred in the bone.

“[…] We are naturally moral beings, but our environment can enhance — or sadly, degrade — this innate moral sense.