Concept art for Chris Evans and Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Akira is shockingly cool

i09 (by Rob Bricken):

The idea of a live-action American remake of the seminal anime movie Akira has always seemed like a disaster in the making to me, and the fact that the movie has languished in various forms of development hell seems to corroborate that idea. But after seeing this concept art of Chris Evans and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the Kaneda and Tetsuo roles, I almost want to change my mind.

The art comes from director Ruairí Robinson, who was attached in one of the film’s many, many incarnations. Apparently, he shared it back in 2014, but it was Bloody Disgusting who let the rest of the internet know, and I thank them, because look at this:

Robinson has several more pics and storyboards here, if you’re so inclined. And, if you start feeling like you’re truly sad the world was robbed of this adaptation, it’s worth remembering that awesome concept art does not a quality film make (although it certainly helps). Also, JGL’s Tetsuo was going to be named “Travis,” so I wouldn’t necessarily shed any tears.


Concept art of Warner Bros’ defunct AKIRA live-action remake


Conceptual illustrator James Clyne (“Avatar”), has updated his website with artwork that he created for OblivionEnder’s Game, and Warner Bros. never-produced live-action remake of Akira.

In 2002, Warner Bros. acquired rights to make a live-action remake of Katsuhiro Otomo‘s Akira. Plans for it didn’t start to really materialize until 2008. That is when Irish short film director Ruairi Robinson (“The Last Days on Mars”) was brought on board to direct.

At that time, the script was being written by Gary Whitta (“The Book of Eli”), and Leonardo DiCaprio would’ve been one of the producers. Of course things fell apart and the project would end up in two other directors hands (Albert Hughes and Jaume Collet-Serra) before WB finally pulled the plug on it in 2012. Below, you will find several pieces of concept art that conceptual illustrator James Clyne created for Robinson’s version of Akira

Check out this link:

Concept art of Warner Bros’ defunct AKIRA live-action remake

James Clyne: akira
James Clyne: akira
James Clyne: akira