Generous women in China make it their life’s work to care for over 1,300 stray dogs needing their assistance

Begging for Food

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Five very generous older women in the prefecture of Weinan in the Shaanxi Province of China have banded together to create the Weinan Dog Asylum, a shelter where over 1,300 stray dogs in the area are given food, a safe place to sleep, and other canine (and human) companionship on a daily basis. The shelter was started in 2009 by a woman who was 60 years old at the time named Wang Yanfang who wanted to help these dogs who would have otherwise been taken away and perhaps even destroyed. Yanfang and a group of her friends sought to do something about this and developed the dog asylum, which relies heavily on donations.

The ladies said they have been voluntarily taking care of the dogs for around six years as a way to save them from the pound, according to local media. Needless to say, looking after such a large pack of dogs is a lot of work. They have to wake up at 4am to prepare around 400kg of dog food per day for the hungry animals.


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Caring for Dogs

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9-year old boy in Philippines opens a no-kill animal shelter in his father’s garage


Happy Animals Club

Hello, I’m Ken. Ever since I can remember I wanted to open an animal shelter to help the stray dogs and cats on the streets.


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Ken, an amazing 9-year old in the southern Philippines, along with the help of his dad and donations from around the world, was able to realize his dream of opening a no-kill animal shelter to help dogs and cats who have largely gone abandoned and ignored in his area. The shelter, named “Happy Animals Club“, exists in Ken’s garage (for the time being) and provides care to a few dogs who are thriving in Ken’s care.

Donations to Happy Animals Club can be made via PayPal.


Happy Animals Club’s main goal will be to rescue dogs from the city pound. In this article dated March 20, 2014, the official at the pound said most dogs are put down because only 20-30% of owners claim their dogs, and no animal welfare organization is doing something about it…Please help me develop the animal shelter by volunteering, holding seminars at your school or company, or donating funds for dog food and veterinary care. Happy Animals Club is a non-profit organization registered in the Philippines. Happy Animals Club is autonomous and independently managed by me with help from volunteers (currently my dad, he complains that he is an “involunteer”). Happy Animals Club is not affiliated with anyone or any organization that supports euthanizing stray dogs.


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9-year old boy in Philippines opens a no-kill animal shelter in his father’s garage