Hollywood Reporter: Jackie Chan touts success of ‘Dragon Blade,’ declares his patriotism

The Hollywood Reporter:

Hong Kong action legend Jackie Chan celebrated the success of his latest historical action movie Dragon Blade, which this week passed the $80 million threshold in China, and responded to accusations of nationalism by saying he was a proud patriot.

Chan stars as the commander of the Protectorate of the Western Regions who teams up with Lucius to protect China’s borders and sovereignty, which has prompted accusations that Chan is playing the patriotic card in the hunt for box-office success.

I have always been a patriot. Is it wrong? If people are cursed for being a patriot, please curse me,” Chan told M1905, the official web site of state broadcaster CCTV’s movie channel CCTV6.”Seven years ago, I wanted to do this film. I didn’t make the film because the government policy wants to protect the Silk Road. I am ahead of them. I hope chairman Xi (Jinping) gets to watch this film.”

Dragon Blade was the big winner of the Lunar New Year holiday to welcome the Year of the Goat, taking $72 million in its first six days in the country.

Starring Chan, Cusack and Brody and directed by Daniel Lee, Dragon Blade is based on a story about a missing legion of Roman soldiers that traveled into China in 48 BC. The cast also includes South Korea‘s Choi Si-won, member of the K-pop band Super Junior, who previously appeared in Battle of Wits.

Cusack plays Lucius, a Roman general who led a legion of 1,000 soldiers into Han Dynasty China. Brody plays Tiberius, who after assassinating Rome’s Consul Crassus chases after Lucius with a force of 100,000 soldiers.

Chan was speaking at an event in Beijing to celebrate Dragon Blade passing the 500 million yuan ($80 million) mark. Chan went on to say that he doesn’t care about box office or online promotion. “I don’t understand e-commerce. After I finish shooting, it’s finished,” he said.

Chan recently welcomed his son Jaycee home from jail by giving him a haircut. Jaycee Chan‘s long locks seemed to have survived his six months in jail after being convicted of drugs charges, having been caught up in the government’s aggressive anti-narcotics campaign.



K-Pop star’s father, grandparents found dead in apparent murder-suicide



The father and grandparents of K-pop boy band Super Junior leader Park Jeong-su, better known by his stage name Leeteuk, were found dead in a suspected murder-suicide, police said.

Park’s cousin, who lived with the star’s father and grandparents in Seoul, discovered the bodies in a bedroom on Monday morning, according to Seoul Sinmun. The bodies of Park’s grandparents were found in bed while the body of his father was found hanging from a rope.

SM Entertainment, which represents Super Junior, initially issued a statement that said Park’s father and grandparents had died in a car accident, but it was later revealed that they were found dead in their home. Suspicion stemming from SM Entertainment’s false report later led to the revelation that the three had actually died in a suspected murder-suicide, according to Sports Seoul.

Authorities said they believe Park’s father strangled his parents — who both had dementia and were set to move to a nursing home the following day — before leaving a handwritten will and taking his own life, the Dong-A Ilbo reported.

I’m taking my parents with me. I’ll take full responsibility. Sorry,” the note reportedly said, according to Korean media reports.

It has been revealed in the past that Park’s father was suffering from depression and economic difficulties while taking care of his ill parents. He divorced his wife in 1998 when Park was just 15. In 2012, Park said in a TV documentary, which chronicled the success of Super Junior, that he had an abusive relationship with his parents while growing up.

My parents didn’t have a good relationship,” Lee said at the time, before breaking into tears. “They fought a lot. Growing up, I wondered why I couldn’t be happy and if I could’ve been happier had my family been wealthier. So I just wanted to be successful as quickly as I could.”

Park, who is currently serving his compulsory military service in the South Korean army, attended the funeral of his father and grandparents on Monday. His sister, Park In-young, is also a South Korean actress.

Park (right), with his father and sister.

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K-Pop star’s father, grandparents found dead in apparent murder-suicide


K-Pop boy bands are apparently impressive cosplayers as well


As far as South Korean boy bands go, Super Junior is about as big as they come. And if their music wasn’t enough to win you over, have you seen their cosplay?

To celebrate Super Junior‘s 8th anniversary, the group’s members decided to cosplay. Getting ready to leave for a concert in Mexico, the group even went to the airport in costume.

The group has done this before—for the fans, really. Below, you can see them in Avengers and Dragonball cosplay from when they were arriving back in South Korea.

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K-Pop boy bands are apparently impressive cosplayers as well

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Han Geng Joins the Cast of Transformers 4

Han Geng has created quite the name for himself in both China and in Korea. The Chinese Mandopop singer first rose to fame as the only Chinese member of Korean boy band Super Junior. Han Geng made history as the first non-Korean celebrity to formally debut in Korea. With the rise of Super Junior success, Han Geng was able to gather quite the fan base before before venturing off into his solo career.

So what’s he up to now? Apparently, taking part in some of the biggest franchises. Michael Bay confirmed that Han Geng would be joining them for the final installment of Transformers. He described Han Geng as “one of Asia’s top stars in the worlds of music, television and movies and has become one of the most influential entertainers in China. Now he’ll also be known for Transformers 4. Welcome Han Geng to the cast of Transformers.”

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Han Geng Joins the Cast of Transformers 4

Hang Geng