Nintendo upgrades Super Mario Maker with keys and doors unlocking new game designs


20 of the best outfits seen at this year’s New York Comic Con


RocketNews 24 (by Phillip Kendall):

Check out these 20 cosplayers at New York Comic Con 2015:

1. Hulkbuster!

2Keith Estiler/Pixable

2. Goku and Master Roshi

12Keith Estiler/Pixable

3. Kapow-i GoGo

16Keith Estiler/Pixable

4. The Witcher’s Geralt and Ciri

18Keith Estiler/Pixablee

5. Conan!

17Chris Anderson/Pixable

6. Ginyu Force girl

15Keith Estiler/Pixable

7. Headhunter Caitlyn and Sejuani

14Keith Estiler/Pixable

8. I-No from Guilty Gear

2Chris Anderson/Pixable

9. Mortal Kombat’s Jade

20Chris Anderson/Pixable

10. Black Cat

19Keith Estiler/Pixable

11. Ratchet and Clank!

aHR0cDovL2Rrd2sydmh4dG55MjcuY2xvdWRmcm9udC5uZXQvd3AtY29udGVudC91cGxvYWRzLzIwMTUvMTAvTllDQ0EyLmpwZw==Chris Anderson/Pixable

12. Super Mario

13Keith Estiler/Pixable

13. Borderlands’ Mad Moxxi

9Chris Anderson/Pixable

14. Spider-Man?

10Keith Estiler/Pixable

15. Boba Fett

1Keith Estiler/Pixable

16. The hero of Hyrule!

8Keith Estiler/Pixable

17. Edward Scissorhands

7Keith Estiler/Pixable

18. ???

6Keith Estiler/Pixable

19. Marty McFly

5Keith Estiler/Pixable

20. Darth M!

5Keith Estiler/Pixable

XLARGE® (Japan) x SUPER MARIO BROS. 2015 Summer Capsule Collection

Streetwear mainstay XLARGE® joins forces with the SUPER MARIO BROS. franchise once again, for a capsule offering of dual-branded summer essentials. The collection is comprised of graphic tees, short sleeved button-ups, headwear and athletic shorts, embellished with 8-bit motifs from the SUPER MARIO BROS. Nintendo game.

Set to drop on July 25, purchase the capsule collection at select XLARGE® locations. If you haven’t already, check out the previous collaboration here.

Nintendo celebrates Super Mario Bros’ 30th anniversary with special teaser site

Nintendo is gearing up for Super Mario Bros’ 30th anniversary, a far-reaching franchise that was incepted in 1985.  A special microsite has been created to celebrate Mario and friends, which opens to a warm message from Nintendo saying, “Thanks to all the love and support from fans, Mario has been in many more games since that release, we’re making big plans to show our appreciation and celebrate the 30th anniversary. Stay tuned to the site for information and announcements.

The site includes a visual history of the Super Mario Bros. Mario Maker and a special movie that was released last year. We’ll surely see more of Mario, Luigi and associated characters this year, with a probable announcement slated for the upcoming Nintendo E3.

Check out the site here.

A fascinating look at the inside of the Official Nintendo Character Manual from 1993

Nintendo Character Manual

Author Blake J. Harris has offered up a fascinating look at the inside of the official Nintendo Character Manual from 1993 that features details for “any public performance of the Mario character” and more. The manual served as a way for those licensing any Nintendo video game properties to maintain the exact image that the Japanese company wanted.

Harris is the author of Console Wars: Sega, Nintendo, and the Battle that Defined a Generation.

Nintendo Character Manual

Nintendo Character Manual

Nintendo Character Manual

Nintendo Character Manual

Nintendo Character Manual


Super Mario Bros. x XLARGE (Hong Kong) 2015 Video Lookbook

Hong Kong-based streetwear brand XLARGE has had tremendous growth throughout Asia since its debut in 1991. In an ode to Japan, the company has released a capsule line inspired by the iconic 1985 Nintendo video game, Super Mario Brothers.

Following the released of the lookbook, XLARGE has released a visual rendition, highlighting the colorful hoodies and T-shirt designs over the video game’s retro 8-bit graphics.

Enjoy the short above and look for the full collaborative line at calif.


Super Mario Bros. x XLARGE (Japan) 2015 Capsule Collection


“Super Bad Mario”: Mario digitally inserted into fail compilation videos to wreak havoc


Super Bad Mario” is a hilarious video by Pastek where Mario of the Super Mario Bros. video game series is digitally inserted into fail compilation videos to wreak havoc. The mean little plumber seemingly causes people to crash their skateboards, pass out during a wedding, and fall off of boats.

Nintendo Super Mario Bros. x Converse Japan One Star 40th Anniversary Pack

Image of Nintendo Super Mario Bros. x Converse Japan One Star 40th Anniversary Pack


The latest leg of the Super Mario Bros. x Converse Japan collaboration program brings fans this Converse One Star 40th anniversary pack. Two editions are set to release, one featuring the likeness ofBowser and the other of Mario in green and red colorways respectively. Converse’s One Star logo along the vamp of the shoe is tweaked to bear a resemblance to the iconic star design from the video game franchise, with an embroidered representation of a different character on the tongue of each shoe.

A full leather upper rounds out this item, with stud details and a co-branded tab on the heel, while availability will be limited to Japanese markets for this release.


Image of Nintendo Super Mario Bros. x Converse Japan One Star 40th Anniversary Pack




A Multitrack A Capella Cover of the ‘Overworld 1′ Song From Nintendo’s ‘Super Mario Bros. 3′

YouTube entertainer Max “Smooth McGroove” Gleason created a multitrack a capella cover of the “Overworld 1” song from Nintendo’s 1988 video game Super Mario Bros. 3.