Tekken 7 to feature a female Filipina kickboxing/Eskrima fighter


Audrey Magazine:

It felt like a dream come true when I first heard that a Filipina character was joining the other Tekken martial artists. However, after looking her over, I couldn’t help but cock my head to the side in confusion.

Josie Rizal, whose name is an ode to the Philippine National Hero José Rizal, is a fighter specialized in Eskrima and Kick Boxing. My confusion first began with Josie’s name and, more importantly, who she was named after.

José Rizal is considered one of the greatest heroes of the Philippines and for anyone who is scratching the surface of Philippine history, he seems like a very good candidate to name the first Filipino Tekken character after. However, it is important to remember that Rizal was not known for violence but rather as a man who used his words to support a peaceful reformation of his motherland. Using his name as inspiration for a combat character makes Josie a walking paradox and has caused quite some controversy. Maybe naming her after the more militant Andrés Bonafacio, the “Father of the Philippine Revolution,” would be more fitting.

Next is her fighting style. For folks unfamiliar with the Philippine martial art, Eskrima is a fighting style that incorporates both hand-to-hand and weapon-based combat. Historically, Eskrima was practiced in secret amongst the commoner/peasant class, especially during Spanish colonization. It’s most popular form includes the arnis sticks–or “armor sticks”–made from bamboo. Some have commented that they would have liked to see Josie with this this key element.

The most debated aspect of Josie Rizal seems to be her costume design. Some point out that her clothing is no different from the dress of her other female counterparts, but others argue that her costume strays too far from traditional Filipino garb. For instance, her crop top seems to emulate the Japanese kimono with it’s bell sleeves and embroidery.

Aside from that, the costume tries very hard to showcase various aspects of Filipino culture– a lavish gold statement necklace that’s shaped into the iconic sun of the Filipino flagsampaguita flowers that hang from the side of her hips, and even the colors of her costume (red, blue, white and yellow) which match the colors of the national flag. The critique? To some, her expensive accessories and even the material of her costume clash with the commoner/peasant fighting style.

Jon Foo cast in Jackie Chan role in CBS’ TV adaptation of Rush Hour franchise

Deadline/ComingSoon.net/Angry Asian Man:

The 1998 Rush Hour movie helped make Hong Kong film star and martial arts wiz Jackie Chan a household name in America, jumpstarting a successful Hollywood career. Now CBS’ TV adaptation of the hit movie franchise is looking to do the same for Jon Foo, who has landed the Detective Lee role played in the movies by Chan.

Written/executive produced by Bill Lawrence and Blake McCormick and directed/exec produced by Jon Turteltaub, CBS’ Rush Hour pilot centers on Lee (Foo), a stoic, by-the-book Hong Kong police officer assigned to a case in Los Angeles, where he’s forced to work with a cocky black LAPD officer, Carter (originally played by Chris Tucker), who has no interest in a partner. A top detective with the Hong Kong police department, Detective Lee is a dedicated professional and master martial artist, a man of few words who knows how to get the job done.

The movies’ director Brett Ratner and producer Arthur Sarkissian also executive produce with Jeff Ingold for Warner Bros TV and Lawrence’s studio-based Doozer. Ratner directed three Rush Hour films between 1998 and 2007 with Chan headlining opposite Chris Tucker in all three. Combined, the three films grossed more than $850 at the worldwide box office.

Like Chan, British actor Foo, who is of Chinese and Irish descent, is a trained martial artist who has done stunt work and built a resume as an international action star. In the U.S., he is probably best known for his role in the 2010 feature Tekken.

Foo is trained in a variety of martial arts styles and is also well known for playing Ryu in the fan film Street Fighter: Legacy.


Tekken 7 Gameplay Trailer

There’s a new trailer for the soon-to-be released fighting game, Tekken 7. The release marks the 20th anniversary of the Tekken game series and introduces two new elements to the popular franchise: Rage Art and Power Crush. Rage Art will let players switch normal attack power increase to execute several unblockable moves while Power Crush will allow players to continue attacking even while being hit by the enemy.

The Tekken 7 game will drop in Japan sometime in February 2015, stay tuned for more information.

Pokémon gets its own fighting game with arrival of Pokkén Tournament

The Pokémon Company and Japanese gaming mag Famitsu teamed up to live-stream a special game announcement. What was previously billed as a “shocking” announcement ended up being the official reveal of the long-expected Pokkén Tournament fighting game, which is coming to Japanese arcades in 2015.

The unveiling brought Pokémon Company CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara together with Tekken chief producer Katsuhiro Harada and SoulCalibur producer Masaaki Hoshino. Though there’s currently no word on the seemingly inevitable console version, you can get a first look at Pokémon‘s collaboration with Tekken above.


Jun Kazama from “Tekken” Joins Bishoujo statue series


Bishōjo is a Japanese term used to refer to young and pretty girls, usually below university age. Bishōjo characters are seen in almost all genres of anime and manga, especially in dating sims and visual novels (also known as bishōjo games), and harem anime and manga.

A mystic character concealing mysteries within herself, Tekken character Jun Kazama has been made into a 1/7 scaled (220mm high) figure, in her characteristic Kazama self-defense fighting style.

Retailing for 7,140 yen, with a release date of February 2014.

Check out this link:

Jun Kazama from “Tekken” Joins Bishoujo statues series