Ken Jeong moves to center stage on ABC comedy ‘Dr. Ken’

Ken Jeong: I Was an 'Intense' Doctor Before I Became an Actor

LA Times (by Greg Braxton):

Comedian Ken Jeong used to be a doctor in real life. Now he’s playing one on TV. The outrageous Jeong, who has been a reliable comedic sprinkle in movies (“The Hangover” franchise) and TV shows (“Community“), is moving to center stage with his own sitcom, ABC’s “Dr. Ken.”

Although Jeong is the main focus, he stressed that the series is an ensemble show with its settings in the medical office and his home.

It’s ensemble driven, with my life as a doctor serving as a building block,” said Jeong at a Television Critics Assn. press tour presentation.

When one reporter at the session pointed out that ABC was the same network that programmed the ill-fated “American Girl” with Margaret Cho 20 years ago, Jeong said that he was very involved in his show, both as a writer and a producer, and that Cho likely was not allowed that level of creative participation.

The series features Jeong as a brilliant physician whose bedside manner can be best described as “edgy.” Although he is trying to get better, his staff is always after him to be nicer. He’s also a devoted husband and father who is overprotective of his two children.

He jokingly referred to himself as a “second-generation Asian American Fred MacMurray,” referring to the classic father figure in the 1960s sitcom “My Three Sons.”

Jeong was a physician in an HMO several years ago, doing stand-up comedy on the side. He said he was very intense and serious as a doctor and that his patients were relieved when they learned that he had a sideline as a comedian.

They said, ‘It’s so good you have a hobby,’ ” Jeong said. When Judd Apatow cast him as a doctor in “Knocked Up,” Jeong won raves for his comic timing and persona.

“‘Knocked Up’ changed my life,” he said. His wife encouraged him to pursue show business full time.

Jeong is one of the executive producers and a writer for “Dr. Ken.”

Official San Diego Comic-Con ‘Into the Badlands’ Trailer (featuring Daniel Wu)

Television company AMC, which brought stellar dramas such as Breaking Bad, Mad Men, andThe Walking Dead, are back at it again with a new original drama titled Into the Badlands. First premiering during San Diego Comic-Con last Saturday, the trailer stars Daniel Wu as Sunny, a ruthless warrior outside of an America run by seven leaders and their respective personal armies. Sunny is accompanied by a young boy named M.K., played by Aramis Knight, and encounters action-packed adventures and conflict in this near-future adaptation of the classic fable “Journey to the West.”

The drama will consist of six one-hour episodes and will debut in November on AMC.

ABC is getting America ready for “Fresh Off The Boat”

Angry Asian Man:

Getting excited for Fresh Off The Boat? The new Asian American family sitcom, based on memoir by Eddie Huang, premieres next month on ABC. In the meantime, the network’s hype machine has started. If you’ve been watching the tube lately, you may have caught a promo or two introducing us to television’s newest comedy clan.

It’s like ABC is trying to prepare white folks to see actual Asian people on TV.

Here are a couple of videos, in case you missed them:

“Call me Eddie.”

“Meet the Huangs.”

“If you’ve ever been the new kid at school…”

“The New American Dream.”

“Meet Eddie Huang.”

“Meet Jessica Huang.”

The ‘Harold and Kumar’ Animated Series Is Really Happening




Harold and Kumar — a.k.a. everyone’s favorite Asian stoner duo — are getting the animation treatment.

Some marquee names associated with the films — including star Kal Penn (who plays Kumar), actor David Krumholtz and producer Jon Hurwitz — tweeted several photos from the new cartoon’s very first table read this week.


Had a wildly inappropriate morning,” wrote Penn in a tweet accompanied by a few photos of his character’s animated version.

Since the release of the first film “Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle” a decade ago, the movies have earned cult classic status among fans and millions in box office bucks. Critically, the it was called “delightfully stupid,” but also “one of the few recent comedies that persuasively, and intelligently, engage the social realities of contemporary multicultural America,” by The New York Times’ A.O. Scott.

The network Adult Swim announced back in 2012 that it was working on the “Untitled Animated Harold & Kumar Project.”

The one thing the actors were vague about was when the series would actually debut. But fans can breathe a sigh of relief, actress Paula Garces assured her Twitter followers that it would be “sooner than u think!


Kal Penn and John Cho
Kal Penn (as Kumar) and John Cho (as Harold) are back in character for an upcoming animated series.