Possible ISIS threat appears to target Taiwan, infringes on copyright

RocketNews 24:

On 24 February a Twitter account named @KhilafahTimes posted a threatening message to the world apparently on behalf of the extremist group known as ISIS, ISIL, or Da’ish. Although it doesn’t directly name a city, the accompanying image depicts the city of Taipei with the landmark Taipei 101 in flames and several other smoldering buildings.

Also troubling is that despite the brutal acts of violence this group has become known for, their list of offences has just grown even longer. Now they are also guilty of the worst crime known to the MPAA: unauthorized usage of another’s work.

The picture used in the tweet was actually created by European digital artist Jonas De Ro in a series about post-apocalyptic cities. Although De Ro’s DeviantArt page allows people to use his lower resolution images of his works, he also asks that they provide a link back to his page.

This is something the tweet clearly failed to do, and even if they did we’re pretty sure De Ro also reserves the right to decline use by certain groups he may not want to be affiliated with.

▼ Image: Jonas De Ro, Deviant Art…see that wasn’t so hard was it?

Residents of Taipei should rest a little easier knowing that it appears their city’s image was apparently chosen only for the fact that all the others by the artist looked as if the destruction occurred decades ago. Here’s how the threat would play out with De Ro’s Hong Kong piece.

▼ Hmm…
Image: Jonas De Ro, Deviant Art

It would certainly suck to have your artwork coopted by those who don’t share your political ideology. Then again they say that there’s no such thing as bad publicity and the bright side of this is that we can at least all enjoy the excellent art of Mr. De Ro.

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