WTAPS 2015 Spring/Summer Editorial by ‘GRIND’ Magazine (Japan)

WTAPS (Japan) 2015 Spring/Summer Editorial by END.

STORE by NIGO® set to open in Harajuku’s Laforet

Coming soon from NIGO is the polymath’s latest retail endeavor. Simply dubbed STORE by NIGO, the brand new space is set to open by the end of April at Harajuku’s Laforet department store and follow’s NIGO’s latest work with the likes of UNITED ARROWS, adidas Originals, Tetsu Nishiyama, and UNIQLO.

For those interested, job openings for the new endeavor can be found over at honeyee.com.


DESCENDANT (Japan) 2015 Spring/Summer Lookbook

Tetsu Nishiyama of WTAPS launches DESCENDANT

Uniqlo‘s Nigo and WTAPS/FPAR‘s Tetsu Nishiyama present DOUBTFUL AS DOUBLE® #001

The first episode of DOUBTFUL AS DOUBLE® has been released online. The visual aspect of the joint project between Uniqlo‘s Nigo and WTAPS/FPAR‘s Tetsu Nishiyama stars both designers reminiscing on 80′s Japanese culture.

Well known for his expansive collection of antiques, Nigo shares his love for the 80′s Japanese band The Checkers by displaying the fan-club treasures he has stored over the years. In the fifteen minute episode, Nigo discloses to Tetsu his personal stories of how he initially acquired valued items such as Beta tapes of their “Christmas Special,” Volume 50 of Olive Magazine, which debuted in August of 1984, a limited edition Checkers print shirt, and hard-sought badge.

Watch as Nigo and Tetsu travel back down memory lane, and strike up light hearted conversation in DOUBTFUL AS DOUBLE® #001.

NIGO & Tetsu Nishiyama’s DOUBTUL AS DOUBLE 2015 Spring/Summer Collection Exhibition

In lieu of the announcement last week that NIGO and Tetsu Nishiyama of WTAPS are banding together to launch their DOUBTFUL AS DOUBLE line in March 2015, we have a first look at some limited edition items that will be sold at the new label’s upcoming 2015 spring/summer collection exhibition on December 13 in Tokyo.

The lineup features five graphic t-shirts that take inspiration from the artwork of the Tokyo surf culture scene in the ’80s, alongside six collector’s items made of the two American dollar bills from which the brand takes its name. Look for more news concerning this exciting new development in the near future.