the POOL aoyama (Japan) x ION Audio Portable Turntable

Hiroshi Fujiwara’s concept store the POOL aoyama has collaborated with US-based electronics company ION Audio to present this stylish portable turntable device. Equipped with a built-in speaker for playback, iPad compatibility and a pitch control function, the small device is the perfect alternative to bulky home stereo set-ups.

Fujiwara, who recently opened a Tokyo-based pop-up store for the POOL aoyama, completes the device with stylish, all-black and minimalist packaging. Pick up the Pool aoyama x ION Audio Portable Turntable for around $212 USD if you’re in Japan or online here.

the POOL shinjuku
1/F Isetan Shinjuku
3-14-1 Shinjuku
Tokyo 160-0022

the POOL aoyama (Japan) Limited Edition “MY OWN POOL TEE”

Wu-Tang Clan x the POOL aoyama (Tokyo) Collection

Hiroshi Fujiwara to open the POOL shinjuku

Just over a year after unveiling his POOL concept retail door in Aoyama, Hiroshi Fujiwara is preparing to extend the franchise with a new location in Shinjuku. Over the course of its existence, the POOL aoyama did well to set a precedent of innovation and excellence, creating truly rare installation experiences such as a White Mountaineering collaborative pop-up and vintage streetwear trunk show.

Perhaps in the temporary spirit of the store though, Fujiwara recently announced that the store will shutter its doors in April 2016. The announcement of the POOL shinjuku, then, represents the second phase of the idea, although for a much shorter period. Running from June 17 through June 22, the Shinjuku location will be located in the heart of Tokyo at the Shinjuku Store Main Building.

Be sure to check back here for a look inside the store as we near the launch date.

A look inside the POOL aoyama “MELANISM” Pop-up Store

“Black Mountaineering” by White Mountaineering (Japan) capsule collection for the POOL aoyama (Tokyo)

“Black Mountaineering” by White Mountaineering (Japan) capsule collection for the POOL aoyama (Tokyo)

the POOL aoyama (Tokyo) now offering worldwide shipping

the POOL aoyama, founded by Hiroshi Fujiwara, has unveiled it’s latest project and announced worldwide shipping. Its in-house basics line, “The Essentials,” offers a range of the POOL aoyama-branded products. With its success came another line for vintage goods, aptly named, “Once In A Lifetime.” Not only offering second-hand vintage wares, the line also includes a collection of vintage-inspired designs and products, such as clothing and accessories. With the recently revamped concept store, the POOL aoyama is now offering worldwide shipping for its fans.

Check out its website here, and browse the selection from the popular Japanese brand.

A look inside the POOL aoyama “ONCE IN A LIFETIME” Concept Pop-Up Store

Hiroshi Fujiwara presents the “Once In A Lifetime” concept collection at the POOL aoyama (Tokyo)

Hiroshi Fujiwara and his contemporaries of the Harajuku scene are as revered collectors as they are innovators. In line with this, famed Japanese concept store the POOL aoyama has announced a new(ish) concept coming to the store: ”ONCE IN A LIFETIME.”

A curated selection of streetwear gems from around the world, “ONCE IN A LIFETIME” will act as a survey of apparel and found goods from the canon of our beloved culture. If in the Tokyo area, be sure to check out the concept when it opens on February 15.