Tina Guo! The woman behind Wonder Woman’s badass theme song!

Wonder Woman”, which absolutely smashed box office expectations earlier this month, is undeniably one of the most badass movies of this year. But aside from the incredible Amazon-like victory of the story and crew who made it possible, most will particularly remember Wonder Woman’s hard-hitting theme which first played when Diana, Princess of Themyscira, lept onto the screen in full armor back in “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”.

For that, we have 31-year-old Grammy-nominated cellist and electric cellist Tina Guo to thank.

Her music has been featured in films like “Sherlock Holmes”, “Inception”, “Iron Man”, “Fast Five”, “X-Men: First Class”, and dozens more including television shows and video games, according to Inuth. Guo has also been featured on hundreds of albums with artists such as John Legend, Ciara, David Archuleta, and Big K.R.I.T.


Twin Bees – Tina Guo & Ting Guo play the Flight of the Bumble Bee

Buy the Single “Twin Bees“: http://ldr.fm/xqS8E

Tina Guo:

I thought it would be fun to play and record this arrangement of The Flight of the Bumble-Bee for 2 cellos in my living room… I was watching a tutorial this evening on masking in Final Cut and thought it’d be neat to attempt a video with a “clone” (aka twin) after watching some pretty cool samples of people having conversations with themselves and even punching themselves in the face (haha!) Here’s the result of my experimentation! 🙂

iTunes: http://bit.ly/1A8me7e
Physical Albums: http://tinaguo.ecrater.com/



Tina Guo: I LOST MY LOVE IN THE WIND from “Autumn Winds”

Check out Team-Yellow friend, virtuoso cellist Tina Guo!

From THE JOURNEY Available now on iTunes


Featuring Tomohiko Tsujimoto, Dancer
Directed by Leo Moctezuma
Produced, Filmed, and Edited by Cameron McKinlay


Tina Guo: “Genius Cellist Scores Our Favorite Games”

Here’s an interview of our good friend, cello virtuoso Tina Guo. Tina talks to Sugar Gamers about her background, and her foray into gaming soundtracks… Her playing has been featured on Rock Band, Journey, Diablo III, and Call of Duty: Black Ops II.

Check out this link:

Tina Guo: “Genius Cellist Scores Our Favorite Games”



Two Asians in a Hotel Room: Cello and Contortionist : “The Swan” by Tina Guo and Baaska Enkhbaatar

People often ask me what the coolest thing working for Cirque du Soleil was… It was definitely getting to tour the world, with THE BEST in the world of varied art disciplines.

Here are two of my co-workers on a night off: Tina Guo on cello (Shanghai-born, SoCal-based cello virtuoso; You’ve heard her on the soundtracks to Sherlock Holmes, Inception, and Kung Fu Panda), and Baaska Enkhbaatar (Mongolian contortionist extraordinaire, who has been studying and performing her craft since she was 6-years old).