“Walk In Shanghai”

Shanghai is known as one of the busiest and biggest cities in the world, and thanks to media artist JT Singh we are getting a unique tour through its sprawling network of streets, subway lines, highways and, of course, people. Reversing Singh’s own movement against that of the city allows for us to focus in on his own actions and journey amidst 24 million others, as well as appreciate the simple pleasure of walking versus other methods of transportation.

Singh is an expert on emerging cities and has advised many city leaders throughout North America, Asia and Europe, including those in Toronto, Shanghai, Tokyo and Fuzhou, on how to help cities engage with their global context through tactics such as enhancing local cultural economies, tourism and trade, developing international presence and attracting foreign investment.

Amazing nighttime video shows Osaka, Tokyo’s rival, has a skyline that’s second to none

Tokyo is so massive and bustling that sometimes it’s hard to remember that it doesn’t have a monopoly on urban splendor in Japan. Take Osaka, for example. Long Tokyo’s rival, in everything from business to baseball to samurai warfare, Osaka is known for its economic ambitiousness, comedic sensibilities, and tasty grub, but there’s one thing that’s often overlooked in media coverage of Osaka.

It looks absolutely beautiful at night.

With 2.6 million residents, Osaka is Japan’s third largest city. All those people need a lot of space, even in densely populated Japan, which means the city has no shortage of modern skyline to gaze at.

OY 10

OY 1

Once the sun goes down, all those buildings’ lights go on, giving the videographers of Night Movie Channel of Osaka a huge canvas to work with.


OY 2

The group’s newest time-lapse creation, Glittering Osaka City Night, starts off with a dramatic overture and a shot of Osaka Castle. The park surrounding the fortress is one of the few patches of darkness you’ll see for the video’s entire runtime.

OY 7

As the camera pans over and around the city, we see that Osaka looks amazing by night, whether you’re gazing at it from 30 stories up, or perched somewhere a lot closer to street level.

OY 12

OY 4

At one point, even the sky seems inspired to get in on the luminescent display. At roughly the 5:30 mark, either a plane or a shooting star goes streaking across the top of the frame.

▼ Quick, make a wish!

OY 13

OY 8

As the pulsing music and gorgeous images fade out, the video closes with a request to “Please visit my website.” You got it, Night Movie Channel of Osaka, and when we get a chance, we’d like to visit your city, too.


OY 14



Visiting Japan: 5 Reasons Why It’ll Be Awesome

Ever thought about visiting Japan but could never justify it? Always wanted to visit Japan but needed that final push? 5 Reasons to Visit Japan is here to give you the final push to booking your flight to Japan and seeing the magic for yourself.


“January in Japan”

This video, shot and made by Scott Gold, plays like a dream. It depicts Scott and his wife’s trip to Japan in January, showing how Japan is maintaining its illustrious history and mystical culture amidst the fast paced, beep beep, every person cross the intersection right now modern world.

You’ll see Sumo matches, onsens, master chefs, food that looks unreal, monkeys, brilliant architecture and more against skyscrapers, bullet trains and city lights. What a beautiful balance. What a beautiful place.


“Tokyo: The Peculiar Traveler”

Some of the places you’ll see:

Tokyo Skytree
Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden
Meiji Shrine
Park Hyatt
Robot Restaurant
Sushi Ichi
Mori Tower
Cat Street