UNITED ARROWS (Japan) x PROUD Furniture Collection

BEAUTY & YOUTH (Japan) 2015 Summer Lookbook

SHOES MASTER Vol. 23 (Japan)

Japanese footwear magazine SHOES MASTER is set to release its latest issue, Volume 23, which features the latest topics in sneakers for the 2015 spring/summer season. Inside you can expect to find news covering the latest in sneaker collaborations as well as catalogs of the likes of adidas, New Balance, Reebok, ASICS Tiger and PUMA.

What stood out in particular this past season were the Supreme x Nike collaboration, the adidas Ultra Boost Collective, and the Nike Air Max Zero prototype. Updates on some of the top sneaker shops are also provided, including mita sneakers, BEAMS and UNITED ARROWS. One story announces the upcoming opening of a brand new sneaker boutique at the Isetan Shinjuku Men’s Building in Tokyo. SHOES MASTER launched in spring 2014 and is released biannually at the end of March and the end of September, and it continues to establish itself as one of the world’s leading publications in footwear and sneaker culture.

Watch out for SHOES MASTER Vol. 23 to be released March 30 for approximately $6 USD.

STORE by NIGO® set to open in Harajuku’s Laforet

Coming soon from NIGO is the polymath’s latest retail endeavor. Simply dubbed STORE by NIGO, the brand new space is set to open by the end of April at Harajuku’s Laforet department store and follow’s NIGO’s latest work with the likes of UNITED ARROWS, adidas Originals, Tetsu Nishiyama, and UNIQLO.

For those interested, job openings for the new endeavor can be found over at honeyee.com.


NIGOLD by UNITED ARROWS (Japan) 2015 Spring/Summer Collection

NIGO joins forces with UNITED ARROWS once again for a continuation of the first collaborative offering that was released last year. The second season features an 80′s themed range of garments comprised of Eizin Suzuki illustrated pieces, denim infused jacket and pants, in addition to a more traditional pinstripe suit and a checkered shirt.

With prices ranging from ¥16,000 JPY (approximately $132 USD) to ¥85,000 JPY (approximately $701 USD), 2015 Spring/Summer NIGOLD® by UNITED ARROWS collection will be available for purchase exclusively at UNITED ARROWS locations starting March 18.


Perspective by Chris Stamp: High Street’s Impact on Modern Japanese Style with POGGY


One of your most well-known traits has been your flawless ability to combine elements of street and luxury fashion. How do you think the movement of the high-street market is currently affecting both the U.S. and Asian fashion landscape?

The Japanese market used to be quick to combine those two elements, but it’s becoming less frequent. Between 2006 and 2010, I was the director at Liquor, Woman & Tears. It was a shop that combined Fendi, MCM, Jacob & Co. with Supreme, PHENOMENON, Benjamin Bixby by Andre 3000 among others so this concept has always been something I’ve really embraced. But the division between street fashion and runway shows is still there in Japan. The country has traditionally been focused on rock music and despite the booming popularity of hip-hop, it hasn’t really made in-roads in the country. This contributes to the fact that stores still have yet to embrace some of the values we’ve seen highly adopted in the culture such as mixing high and low.

Who do you think are the leaders in the high street market and why?

I think some of the leaders are Pigalle, Chris Stamp, Ronnie Fieg, Chris Gibbs, Virgil Abloh, Jon, Buscemi, Marcelo Burlon, VERBAL, Jerry Lorenzo, Dr. Romanelli and Astrid Andersen. Streetwear brands used to be strong at concepts and promoting street culture but they often didn’t pay attention to the quality of its products. But you could argue that street brands have effectively balanced both creative and quality. For some high fashion brands such as Celine, Givenchy, Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel and Rick Owens, they’re all showing a collection inclusive of mixing street culture and luxury together.


How would you describe what you do with UNITED ARROWS & SONS? What sort of platform does it provide to high street brands you carry and how does it differ from other UNITED ARROWS retailers?

We’re strong on mixing elements of tradition with modernity. For example, mixing suits with streetwear is something we’re good at. The difference between UNITED ARROWS & SONS and rest of our stores is the culture behind our choices.

You’re in the midst of renovating the store, what can we expect?

We won’t necessarily be updating and renovating constantly. However the ongoing goal is to introduce to our customers elements of culture and quality with a UNITED ARROWS approach to service.

Does UNITED ARROWS plan to open additional UNITED ARROWS & SONS stores? Is there anything planned for expansion outside of Japan?

Yes, we’ve just launched our UNITED ARROWS & SONS space in our UNITED ARROWS Taipei store on October 31.

With the vast array of the brands you work with, what are you most looking forward to seeing over the coming seasons?

One of my favorite brands that I’m looking forward to includes NIGOLD® by UNITED ARROWS that started in Fall/Winter 2014. We’re looking to collaborate with NIGO® every season and create some great products. The range is representative of what I previously mentioned with suits combining with streetwear elements. Other brands I’m looking forward to include ART COMES FIRST and Umit Benan.

What kind of projects can we look forward to seeing from you in 2015?

There will be several interesting projects, but you’ll see it soon so don’t worry!

How do you think merchandising and retail differs between Japan and the rest of the world?

Especially in Tokyo, there is low, middle and high-end products all in one place. And the number of stores is truly massive. Through years of experience, the customer has good eye to look for what they really want. It could be a little bold to say, but Japanese customers always look for “UNIQLO cost with Hermes hospitality.”

ibought (Japan) Vol. 07

Image of ibought Vol. 07

Japanese lifestyle magazine ibought submits its seventh volume at the cusp of the fall/winter season. In a refreshing turn of topic, the magazine places Japanese actress and model Riko Narumi on the cover, dressed ornately in pieces from UNDERCOVER’s Fall/Winter 2014 outing.ibought following up its sixth issue with features on Eastern stalwarts such as N.HOOLYWOOD, UNITED ARROWS and TAKAHIROMIYASHITATheSoloIst., while elsewhere profiling adventurous lesser-known brands in shops now.

An essential addition to any collector’s inventory, pick up the latest issue of ibought from retailers such as HAVEN now.

NIGOLD by UNITED ARROWS 2014 Fall/Winter Collection

Image of NIGOLD by UNITED ARROWS 2014 Fall/Winter Collection


Fresh off the “NIGO Only Lives Twice” Sotheby’s auction and the premiere of his upcoming collection for adidas OriginalsNIGO turns his attentions to UNITED ARROWS, teaming up Poggy and co. for the brand new suiting endeavor NIGOLD by UNITED ARROWS.

Modeled here by the men themselves at Tokyo’s 2-5 Café in Shibuya, the debut release sees everything from seasonal solids to pinstripes and plaids and includes full two- and three-piece suits alongside blazers, overcoats, and trousers.

Ranging in price from 12,000 JPY (approximately $110 USD) to 110,000 JPY (approximately $1,000 USD), NIGOLD by UNITED ARROWS will soon be available exclusively at UNITED ARROWS locations.



Image of NIGOLD by UNITED ARROWS 2014 Fall/Winter Collection

Image of NIGOLD by UNITED ARROWS 2014 Fall/Winter Collection

Image of NIGOLD by UNITED ARROWS 2014 Fall/Winter Collection

Image of NIGOLD by UNITED ARROWS 2014 Fall/Winter Collection

Image of NIGOLD by UNITED ARROWS 2014 Fall/Winter Collection