Sony showcases its PlayStation VR headset at Paris Games Week

As a part of Paris Games Week, Sony offered up perhaps the best look yet at its upcoming VR headset, the aptly and simply named PlayStation VR. Though there were few specifics with regards to the device itself, Sony did tease the headset with a flashy new video and offered up a bevy of trailers for new games that will support the device.

Popular horror game Until Dawn will see the addition of a VR-enabled add-on dubbed Rush of Blood while Crysis developer Crytek dropped a new trailer for a dino-centric game called Robinson: The Journey. As previously mentioned, the upcoming Gran Turismo Sport will also support the device.

PlayStation VR is currently slated for a spring or summer release next year.

Sony’s PlayStation 4 virtual reality hardware targeted for 2016

Sony targets 2016 for a “Project Morpheus” virtual reality release on the PlayStation 4. Having revealed a new and much-enhanced prototype of a VR headset at the Game Developers Conference, Sony also unveiled plans for its release along with tentative specs. First seen at last year’s GDC, the headset now features an upgraded 5.7-inch OLED screen, greatly reducing motion blur and latency that was found in the original. Morpheus is also expected to support graphics at 120 frames per second, and PS4 consoles are able to natively support that output.

Not only did Sony reveal the hardware, but they demoed three games that use Morpheus as well. One of which is named “London Heist,” a cover-based first-person shooting game in which you duck behind desks, pop up to shoot, and use PlayStation Move controllers to reload. Using the controllers, the device is able to translate real physical movements into the game, resulting in a very engaging and firsthand primary experience.

Sony will begin releasing Morpheus to developers in April, but check back for more information and details.

HTC (Taiwan) develops new virtual reality headset with video game developer Valve

HTC continues its expansion from the smartphone market by teaming up with video game developer Valve, for a new virtual reality headset that will be the latest competitor to the Oculus Rift. The Vive features a 1,200 by 1,080 pixel screen for each eye and an astounding refresh rate of 90 frames per second, ensuring a crystal-clear, jitter-free image.

Powered by Valve’s upcoming StreamVR platform, the “Full Room Scale 360 Degree Solution” lets the user get up and walk around inside a virtual world for a fully immersive experience in spaces up to 15 by 15 feet.

Check out the video above for a better look at the visual experiences the headset has to offer, and expect the Vive VR headset to be available for purchase later on in the year.