Top 5 wedding destinations in Asia

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Audrey Magazine (by Pauline Yang):
While this is surely an exciting time for engaged couples, you don’t need me to tell you that it can be stressful planning a wedding. For instance, those who have close relatives in foreign countries may end up with guests who simply can’t make it because a trip to America is expensive. This is just one of the reasons many couples are now opting for a destination wedding in Asia. It can be easier for some relatives to travel to, and with the right budgeting, a wedding in Asia can even be less expensive than having a wedding in America. Sounds like a win-win!

So if you’re considering a wedding in Asia, we’re here to help! Check out our top 5 wedding destinations as well as specific locations we recommend to have the wedding of your dreams.

1. Taiwan – Lakeside Luxury

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Taiwan has become a global trendsetter in the wedding industry, inviting international couples to celebrate the beginning of a new life together on the beautiful island. Many find that they are able to have more lavish parties and photoshoots for a fraction of the price. Taiwan has proven to be a great choice for those on a budget but don’t want to compromise on their happy day.

Where in Taiwan?
One of the eight wonders of Taiwan, Sun Moon Lake is a scenic jewel in the island’s mountainous heart. The romantic lake transforms throughout the day to create different moods. In the early morning it is misty and mysterious. During the day it is a mirror of the mountains and forests that surround it. At sunset it shimmers with gold dust, and after dark, the lights of the villages and temples reflect gently across its surface. A stay at the Fleur de Chine Hotel, situated on the northern peninsula of the Sun Moon Lake, presents these magnificent views, as well as services and accommodations for an elegant outdoor wedding. Under the sun and moon, surrounded by the sky and earth, couples will surely take home sweet, unforgettable memories.

2. Indonesia – Island Dreams

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For those dreaming of a storybook wedding, Indonesia can provide dreamy backdrops and vivid imagery. With botanical gardens, intimate beaches and cliff top venues overlooking the Indian Ocean, Bali effortlessly sets the scene for romance.

Where in Indonesia?
Consider Pan Pacific Nirwana Bali Resort for your stay and venue. The picturesque property transports guests to an otherworldly setting where postcards come to life. Pan Pacific’s grand location, luxurious facilities and excellent service was recently selected to host Miss World. Guests can play around on the award-winning Greg Norman golf course and enjoy spectacular sunsets over the Indian Ocean. The resort’s spacious coastline lawns serve as a perfect wedding location with incredible views of Tanah Lot and its iconic temple.

3. Singapore – Chic Cityscape

P1_Marina Bay Sands

If you opt for a more modern wedding in the city, Singapore is your place to go. The island country is known for its surreal city skyline. Singapore is not only considered one of the safest places to live, it is also boasted to be the food capital of the world. Sounds like a solid place for a wedding!

Where in Singapore?
Marina Bay Sands Singapore
is home to the futuristic Skypark, one of many iconic architectural buildings in Singapore. Its daring design and breathtaking rooftop decks, including the world’s largest infinity pool at 57 stories above ground, draw many couples to this contemporary resort. The Skypark’s landscaped rooftop gardens offers 360-degree views of Singapore and its offshore islands, easily becoming the most photogenic venue for couples tying the knot. World-class chefs and culinary concepts are also available to satisfy every taste.

4. Thailand – Golden Hours

P1_Four Seasons Golden Triangle

A country rich with culture and beautiful scenery, Thailand is one of the most versatile destinations for a wedding. From nature parks and beaches to Buddhist temples, there is a venue for every bride’s vision. Thailand’s prime location in the center of Asia also makes it a sensible choice for those inviting relatives from all over Asia.

Where in Thailand?
The Four Seasons Tented Camp, situated in an elephant sanctuary in the jungles of northern Thailand’s Golden Triangle, is right on the border of Thailand, Myanmar and Laos. Intimate tented camps perched on private platforms receive six-star service to ensure guests have the best experience during their stay. Still not convinced? Imagine dressing in soft Thai silks while riding a gentle elephant through the bamboo jungle before your wedding ceremony. Yes, it’s just as beautiful as it sounds.

5. India – Heaven in the Hills

P1_Tree of Life Resorts

There are many hidden gems in India when it comes to finding the perfect getaway. Its long history and strong cultural traditions make India a special destination to experience. For instance, the “pink city” of Jaipur is a popular choice for those interested in exploring the diversity of wedding venues available, such as ornate palaces, old mansions and private villas.

Where in India?
Nestled in the undulating Aravalli hills is the gorgeous Tree of Life Resort & Spa. This venue features 14 luxury villas built using local styles and designs to reflect Rajasthan’s long architectural history. Complete with an infinity pool at its center and private outdoor spas for each villa, this resort was created with a vision of a heaven away from the bustle of city life. Guests also have the opportunity to dine in their villa from a personalized 4-course menu that guests can design daily with the head chef’s help. Talk about an extravagant getaway!


Sari Rental Market Takes Off As More Indian-American Millennials Marry

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A wave of Indians born in America are reaching marriage age and having blowout weddings in the U.S. with a diverse group of guests. Both Indians and non-Indians are turning to new sari-rental websites for the latest fashions at a low cost.

The traditional Indian sari has infiltrated American pop culture in recent years, appearing on celebrities like Oprah and Lady Gaga and on shows from New Girl to The Office. Not surprisingly, what was once a largely unfamiliar foreign garment to many Americans is now an extremely hot item, complete with a booming rental market.

A number of sari-focused websites have cropped up in the U.S. in the past few years that are akin to Rent the Runway, the online startup that rents designer gowns to gala-goers at a fraction of their retail price. But instead of offering Narciso Rodriguez and Trina Turk, LuxemiBorrow It Bindaas and Devi’s Closet are renting out the Indian fashion equivalents for an American audience.

The websites, all introduced by American-born Indian women in their late twenties and early thirties, share a common thread: an origin story that started with a stack of invitations to Indian weddings. Luxemi and Borrow It Bindaas launched in 2011, while Devi’s Closet went live last year, and each privately funded website said it’s seeing significant growth in sales and web traffic.

Indians have been one of the nation’s fastest-growing ethnic groups for decades, now numbering at least 2.2 million, and more and more children of Indian immigrants who were born in America are reaching marriage age and want to have their weddings in the U.S. You’re now five times as likely to see “Hindu” in a New York Times wedding announcement than 20 years ago, according to a database from Rap Genius. Even when Indians marry outside their ethnicity — though Pew Research shows they’re the least likely of Asian Americans to go that route — multicultural weddings often include some, if not many, Indian components.

The increase in weddings begets demand for saris from not just Indians, but also from non-Indian guests who are eager to participate in the traditional customs of the marriage ceremony. Borrow It Bindaas and Devi’s Closet estimate at least 60% of their rentals come from non-Indians, while Luxemi draws it closer to half. And while Diwali (the Hindu New Year), Bollywood-themed parties, and even Halloween drive some rentals, weddings make up a majority of the market.

Brides, both Indian and not, are including links to the rental services on wedding websites for their guests, inviting them to don Indian garb, or using the websites for their bridesmaids’ saris. A major benefit of sari rentals is that outside of the blouse, it’s essentially a one-size-fits-all piece of clothing, cutting out the pesky dress fittings that usually accompany bridesmaid duties in the U.S.

Rental prices typically range from a low of $35 to a high of $278. The websites send along matching bindis, safety pins, backup blouses and sari-draping guides, plus pre-paid packaging to ship the garments back without having to worry about dry cleaning.

Check out this link:

Sari Rental Market Takes Off As More Indian-American Millennials Marry