Inside WonderWall Inc.’s Tokyo Design Studio

Design agency Wonderwall, Inc.‘s Tokyo headquarters as well as some of its captivating designs found throughout the world. The brainchild of Masamichi Katayama, Wonderwall is an interior design firm that focuses on entertainment and experience, rather than square-footage and budgets. It is widely known for its unconstrained approach in actualizing design concepts that touch the subconscious of its target audience, whilst respecting conventional and traditional philosophies.

From the video above, we’re presented with a brief glance at its expansive portfolio, which includes collaborations with clothing stores, hotels, eateries, bookstores and everything in between.


Interior Design: KAWS’ Brooklyn studio by Wonderwall (Japan)

Image of KAWS Studio by Wonderwall
Japanese architectural firm Wonderwall has revealed its work for artist KAWS‘ studio in Brooklyn. Transforming the interior of the red brick building, Wonderwall created a light-filled work space that looks more like a gallery than a studio. Gracing many of the walls is a selection of art, many by the artist himself, as well as more prosaic things like art supplies.
On the second level, the office spaces open up to a large balcony with a view over the surrounding neighborhood.
Check out the space here and see more at Wonderwall.
Image of KAWS Studio by WonderwallImage of KAWS Studio by WonderwallImage of KAWS Studio by WonderwallImage of KAWS Studio by WonderwallImage of KAWS Studio by WonderwallImage of KAWS Studio by WonderwallImage of KAWS Studio by WonderwallImage of KAWS Studio by Wonderwall



Uniqlo launches new store concept in Paris


This week Japanese fast fashion retailer Uniqlo has opened its new latest retail store in Paris, France. The fifth to date, the retailer created an entirely new store concept for the Marais location. Located in a former factory, Uniqlo sells its main clothing line, as well its UT collection in the new store, next to accessories and even books. Uniqlo wants to make the store a fashion forward concept location, eventually merchandising its own products next to books, furniture and other items down the road.
Once again the store was designed by Tokyo architects Wonderwall, who also designed all BAPE stores. Spanning over three floors, the store is 8800 square feet big and the next step in the international expansion of the brand. Just recently they also opened its first German flagship store in Berlin

Uniqlo Marais, Paris
39 Rue des Francs-Bourgeois


Check out this link:

Uniqlo launches new store concept in Paris