WORLD CUP: Angry South Koreans chuck toffees at National Soccer Team




Although most people would love to be showered with candy, South Korea’s National Soccer Team took the flying sweets with melancholy when they returned from Brazil. While lining up for photographs from their fans at the Incheon airport, the team was greeted by an onslaught of toffee candies after a poor performance at the World Cup.

The reason behind the toffees is that the phrase “Go eat a toffee” is considered an insult in Korea. It’s similar to “Screw you” or “Get Lost.” Dozens of toffee candies were thrown at the down-on-their-luck team. At least they were wrapped though. Because ants.

In what is said to be Asia’s worst World Cup performance in 24 years, the team grabbed one point in a series of three matches. South Korea joined Japan, Iran and Australia in an early trip back home from Brazil.



A Bathing Ape x PUMA evoSPEED “BAPE F.C.” Collection

Image of A Bathing Ape x PUMA evoSPEED "BAPE F.C." Collection


As we quickly approach the climax of the 2014 FIFA World CupPUMA has enlisted the services of A Bathing Ape – alongside other streetwear brands — for a timely release featuring its evoSPEED football boot. BAPE’s iconic military-inspired print adorns the upper of this performance boot, offering up a bold and unique design for the pitch. Its Microfiber upper, EVERFIT cage lining, Speed Track structure and DuoFlex technology combine for a pair of boots that are lightweight, stable and comfortable.

Also forming part of the collection is the BAPE F.C. PUMA GAME SHIRTS, which sport the brand’s signature camouflage print as well as 3M reflective stripes at the sides.

The A Bathing Ape x PUMA “BAPE F.C.” collection will be available only at BAPEXCLUSIVE Aoyama from July 12, with the evoSpeeds retailing for ¥29,160 JPY (approximately $285 USD) and the shirt for ¥12,960 JPY (approximately $130 USD).

5-5-8 Minamiaoyama
Tokyo, Japan
Tel:+81 3-3407-2145



Image of A Bathing Ape x PUMA evoSPEED "BAPE F.C." Collection
Image of A Bathing Ape x PUMA evoSPEED "BAPE F.C." Collection
Image of A Bathing Ape x PUMA evoSPEED "BAPE F.C." Collection

Ronnie Fieg x ASICS Gel Lyte III & GT-II “KFE” Pack

Image of Ronnie Fieg x ASICS Gel Lyte III & GT-II "KFE" Pack
The hubbub around Ronnie Fieg‘s latest World Cup-related project has been substantial. Going big with it, Fieg orchestrated a pop-up shop in São Paulo at Cartel 011, announced the release of Kith Football Equipment, and cooked up a new collaboration with ASICS in the form of a Gel Lyte III and a GT-II as part of the “KFE” pack.
While the “USA” Gel Lyte III in all-gold leather pays homage to the American team, the royal blue GT-II in pigskin serves as a nod to the host country Brazil. Both sneakers are being sold to ticket-holders only at Kith locations in New York.
Image of Ronnie Fieg x ASICS Gel Lyte III & GT-II "KFE" Pack
Image of Ronnie Fieg x ASICS Gel Lyte III & GT-II "KFE" PackImage of Ronnie Fieg x ASICS Gel Lyte III & GT-II "KFE" Pack
Image of Ronnie Fieg x ASICS Gel Lyte III & GT-II "KFE" Pack
Image of Ronnie Fieg x ASICS Gel Lyte III & GT-II "KFE" Pack
Image of Ronnie Fieg x ASICS Gel Lyte III & GT-II "KFE" Pack
Image of Ronnie Fieg x ASICS Gel Lyte III & GT-II "KFE" Pack



Otsukare-sama deshita: A look back at Team Japan’s time at the World Cup


team japan

RocketNews 24:


It’s over. With their 1-4 defeat against Colombia, Team Japan is officially out of the World Cup tournament after just three matches. The boys in blue put up a good fight, but arguably left a lot on the pitch in Group C, in what many say was Japan’s best chance to make a big impact on the world stage. But despite the disappointing losses (and one unbelievable tie), there were some truly great moments that came out of the tournament for Samurai Blue. So before we all move on and choose a different team to support, let us take a moment to look back at the matches, the players, and those crazy fans who came together to root on NIPPON!

In their first World Cup match, Japan came out strong against Côte d’Ivoire with Keisuke Honda putting one in the back of the net in the 16th minute. It was all going so well, and anyone watching the game could have guessed that Japan would come out on top. However, two second-half goals scored by Côte d’Ivoire within two minutes sealed Japan’s fate and the team ended with a disappointing 1-2 loss.

Surprisingly, it was what happened off the field that had the world talking. Japanese soccer fans were seen cleaning up after themselves at the stadium, despite the devastating loss.




The next match against Greece wasn’t any better. Despite being up against a 10-man squad after Kostas Katsouranis of Greece was sent off the field upon receiving his second yellow card, Japan still couldn’t manage to score, resulting in a 0-0 tie.


▼ Not even the addition of blue plastic garbage bags to Japan’s cheering section could help the team.



But even with the loss and tie, Japan still had a small chance of making it through to the Round of 16, if only they could pull out a win against Colombia. Even Columbia Records Japan was getting behind Samurai Blue, changing their company name in support of their national team. Many stayed hopeful, but most would say the Japanese didn’t stand a chance against the favored Colombian team.

But it was Japan’s 1-4 loss against the South American squad that gave us possibly the most touching scene of the World Cup. As Japanese defender Yuto Nagatomo sat stunned on the pitch after the match, Colombian midfielder Fredy Guarin walked over to offer a few kind words of encouragement.




Seeing two opposing players come together in good sportsmanship and goodwill is the finest an international tournament of this caliber can produce and reminds us all that despite national borders and patriotic passion, we’re not all that different. All these players really want is a chance to represent their country to the best of their ability, and the painful sorrow of falling short, well, that’s a sentiment anyone can sympathize with.

And despite all the heartbreak…


honda despair

japan heartbreak

…Samurai Blue brought people together to cheer for the nation of Japan. In Brazil…


fan at world cup game

japan world cup fans


…and back at home.


Team Japan soccer fans2

Team Japan soccer fans

soccer fan in subway

Pikachu japan

Team Japan supporter

World Cup bunny


Japan’s national soccer team even inspired some impressive fanart:


Team Japan mem

world cup team japan fan art2

world cup team japan fan art

fan art world cup japan

world cup japan nails

And bento…which in a way is fanart:


world cup bento japan


So now that Team Japan is on its way home, all we can do is give a hearty “Otsukare-sama deshita!” to Kagawa, Honda, and the rest of the gang who worked so hard to make it to Brazil. There’s not much else we can say about this inspirational team, so we’ll let the Dentsu Building in Tokyo have the final word:


▼ “また4年後” (See you in 4 years)

message to Japan


Check out this link:


Otsukare-sama deshita: A look back at Team Japan’s time at the World Cup


Japan national football star to voice character in upcoming Pokémon film



RocketNews 24:


Atsuto Uchida, a defender on Japan’s national football team currently playing in Brazil, is making his voice acting debut in the latest Pokémon theatrical film set to premiere next month. 

The producers of the Pokémon movies are well-known for inviting celebrities to voice supporting characters in the annual films, but this year marks the first time that an athlete will lend his voice to the production. Uchida himself has been a fan of Pokémon since he was a child, and his involvement in the movie will hopefully add even more excitement to the World Cup fervor already taking over Japan.

Atsuto Uchida has taken on his first voice acting role in Pokémon the Movie XY: Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction, which is slated for release on July 19 in theaters across Japan. This film is the 17th Pokémon theatrical movie of the franchise; films have been released every July since 1998′s Pokémon the First Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back (how’s that for nostalgia, anyone?). The 26-year-old has said that as a child, he always played soccer outside of the house and the beloved Pokémon games inside, making him a sensible addition to the cast.

Although Uchida plays football professionally for Germany’s FC Schalke 04, he faced a different sort of challenge in the studio than the one he’s used to on the field. In the film, Uchida plays a hotel porter/bellboy whose appearance is modeled on him as well. His name in the film is even his actual nickname in real life, “Usshii,” given to him by his teammates in Germany.


▼Uchida in the studio



In regards to his first voice acting stint, Uchida has the following to say:

“With my personality, I usually don’t show many emotions on my face and have a hard time expressing myself with words, so it was hard working as a voice actor who has to put a lot of feeling into his voice. I played the Pokémon games with my friends a lot in elementary school, so I’m very happy to be able to appear in the movie. It would be nice if children who don’t know me the athlete Atsuto Uchida would remember me as Usshii. Please look forward to seeing me somewhere in the upcoming film!”


The film’s executive producers are also enthusiastic about Uchida’s role in the film. They are hoping that the collaboration between Uchida and the Pokémon franchise in the midst of the World Cup will bring even more positive energy to Japan. One of them even compared voice recording to a soccer match, saying that both jobs require intense concentration and the ability to listen to orders from a coach in order to give a good performance.


Check out this link:


Japan national football star to voice character in upcoming Pokémon film


Japan Fans Clean Up Stadium After World Cup Elimination


Image: A Japan fan helps collect litter from the stadium
NBC News: 

Forget banners. Many Japanese fans were waving bright blue garbage bags at the group stage finale against Colombia.

The Japanese have touched spectators around the world by cleaning up their trash after every match at the World Cup. After their 0-0 draw against Greece last week, fans of the Blue Samurai shrugged off disappointment and cleaned up after themselves inside the stadium following the final whistle. It’s a class act that has its roots in Japan‘s values of being respectful of hosts and protecting the environment.

Japan’s 1-4 loss to Colombia on Tuesday eliminated the team from the World Cup.

Image: A Japan fan helps collect litter from the stadium after the Japan and Colombia match on Tuesday.
A Japan fan helps collect litter from the stadium after the Japan and Colombia match on Tuesday.


Check out this link:

 Japan Fans Clean Up Stadium After World Cup Elimination


Despite the draw with Greece, Japan’s World Cup team still has a glimmer of hope



RocketNews 24:


Japan has had a bit of a rough start at the 2014 World Cup. After losing to 2-1 against the Ivory Coast, the team came back strong against Greece and got an amazing…0-0 tie. Well, it’s better than losing right?

Though you may be ready to throw in the towel for the Japanese soccer team, we’re here to tell you that things aren’t quite as bleak as they may seem. While having lost the first game of the tournament certainly isn’t a good sign, there are teams who’ve made it to the next round in similar circumstances!

In fact, since 1998 (when the World Cup format changed to accommodate 32 teams), there have been four teams that have made it to the Round of 16 after losing their first match. The question now is: Can Japan take a place in history and become the fifth?


▼Actually, the question is: What the hell is happening in this picture?



First, in case you’re unfamiliar with the point system at the World Cup, points are awarded to teams based on whether they win, draw, or lose a game. A win nets a team three points, while a draw only earns them one point, and a loss gets them…well, nothing. No surprise there. Since we’re still in the group stage, the loss against the Ivory Coast hasn’t put Japan out of the tournament yet–but the final match of the group stage to be held next Tuesday, will determine it all. If Japan can beat Colombia, there’s a chance they’ll make it to the Round of 16. And if they can’t…well, it’ll be a sad homecoming for the team, we suppose.

But let’s look on the bright side! It’s not impossible…though it’s not exactly very likely either. The only four teams who’ve been able to make it to the Round of 16 after losing their first game are: Turkey (in 2002), Ghana (in 2006), Ukraine (also in 2006), and Spain (in 2010). Of course, Ghana, Ukraine, and Spain all won their next two games and got through to the next round with six points. Even so, Japan still has a glimmer of hope in Turkey: The Turkish team also took a draw in their second game in 2002. They made it through the group stage with only one win–the third game.


▼Though no one said they played fair…



But how could anyone get to the Round of 16 with only four points? Well, it looks like everyone was having a bad time in 2002–Costa Rica, who was also in their group, also had only four points. In the case of a tie, the winner is decided based on the goal differences in all group matches, which allowed Turkey to advance. So, will Japan get lucky and end up in the Round of 16? Well, let’s look at the results as they stand now.

So far, Colombia has 6 points, having won against both the Ivory Coast and Greece. And then the Ivory Coast has 3 points from their win against Japan. Finally, Japan and Greece both only have one point each, after their draw with each other. In order for Japan to get to the next round, a few different things will need to happen. First, they’re going to have to beat Colombia to get another three points. Next, Greece will either have to beat the Ivory Coast or tie with them–otherwise the African team will have six points, beating Japan by two.


▼All this math is enough to drive anyone crazy!



From there, things get a bit more tricky, since Japan will be tied with either the Ivory Coast or Greece with four points. There is a list of seven ways to break a tie in this case, but let’s just stick with the first one: Goal difference, which is found by subtracting the number of goals conceded from the number of goals gained. At this point, it would be nearly impossible to say how that would turn out, but the current goal difference for Japan is one, for Greece the goal difference is three, and for the Ivory Coast, the goal difference is zero. A smaller goal difference is apparently better, so it’s a good thing for the Japanese team that they’re not breaking a tie with the Ivory Coast today!

While the team’s fate hangs by a very thin thread, they can take some hope from their one-time rivals Turkey. The Turkish team, which was in the exact same position in 2002, not only made it to the Round of 16, they even beat Japan and Senegal to make it all the way to the semifinals, where they were beaten by the tournament champion Brazil. Even better though, they were able to at least pick up third place by defeating South Korea.

So, take heart, Japanese World Cup team! It’s a near miracle you’ll have to pull off to get to the next round…but it’s a miracle with precedence!


Check out this link:

Despite the draw with Greece, Japan’s World Cup team still has a glimmer of hope


Japanese soccer fans celebrate the World Cup with Samurai Blue curry


Curry 1

RocketNews 24:


Now that the World Cup is well and truly underway, fans in Japan have found themselves in the full-blown throes of soccer fever. While some would remedy the malady with a set of earplugs and a good lie-down, others look to the food world, with World Cup menus popping up all over the country offering all sorts of surprises. One place in Osaka has put together a creative curry and cocktail set that represents the Japanese soccer team, Samurai Blue, and the host country of Brazil. Can you see the two countries in the image above?

The “World Set” above includes a creamy curry which is coloured blue using a natural colorant extracted from the fruit of the gardenia. The white rice is topped with a shiny red cherry tomato to create the image of the Japanese flag. A green and yellow Brazilian-themed cocktail is included in the set price of 1,000 yen (US$9.78).

If you prefer to go blue all the way, try the “Samurai Set” for the same price, with the blue cocktail. The drink garnish is a tasty nod to Brazil.


Curry 2


These meals are only available for a limited time, from 15 June to 31 July, at EkiCafe on the second floor of Shin-Osaka Station.


Check out this link:

Japanese soccer fans celebrate the World Cup with Samurai Blue curry


Kanji Fail: Japanese World Cup fans notice Greek player’s strange tattoo


Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 10.19.03 AM

RocketNews 24:


It must be tough playing in the World Cup. Not only are you representing your entire country, but every mistake you make is seen by millions of people all over the world. Poor Igor Akinfeev, the Russian goalkeeper who let a straightforward shot from Korea’s Lee Keun-ho roll up and over his head and into the goal. It was enough to make anyone want to curl up into a ball and die, and Igor’s mortified face was painful to watch, inspiring thousands of Tweets proclaiming, “Yikes!”

Japanese netizens have taken notice of another footballer faux paus, this time in the form of an unfortunate tattoo. We’ve seen it before – misinformed fans of body modification adding “Chicken Noodle Soup“ or “casket maker” in exotic scrawl, and Team Greece representative, Theofanis “Fanis” Gekas, has added to the list of tattoos that have piqued the interest of Japanese netizens.

Many Japanese netizens have been tweeting about the tattoo, commenting on the strange use of 寒冷殺人拳, most closely translated as “Cold Killer Fist.” The first two kanji (寒冷) definitely mean “cold,” but in the temperature sense, like “a cold climate” or “frigid air,” not in a heartless, “murder your mother” way.

But taking a closer look, the last character may be a little different than Japanese netizens are claiming, though the change fails to change the unusual nature of the words:


Greece soccer player bad tattoo2


It appears the last kanji is actually 魔 and not 拳. Here, 魔 can mean “demon” or “devil” but also gives the connotation of someone who habitually performs a negative act, in this case, killing. Put it together with the previous two kanji and you get something like, but not quite, “serial killer.”

Japanese sources (including Wikipedia, the fountain of internet knowledge) report that Gekas meant to scribe “cold killer” on his right arm, but he most likely wanted it to read “cold-blooded killer,” a nickname given to him by Greek soccer fans for his impressive scoring ability.

Either way, Gekas’ tattoo isn’t quite right in Japanese or Chinese (our Chinese-speaking correspondent says it has a “Google translate feel to it”), and is a phrase that might conjure up an image of an ice-encrusted fist dealing a death blow. If Gekas truly wanted to write “cold-blooded killer” the closest approximation in Japanese would be 冷酷な殺人 (reikoku na satsujin, literally “ruthless murderer”) or 血も涙もない人殺し (chi mo namida mo nai hitogoroshi, literally “a murderer without blood or tears”). Personally, we like the last one for the images it brings to mind (“I’ll be back.”), but we suppose “frigid killer” is cool in its own way too.

And let’s face it, it could be worse. He could have 龙蛇吉勇羊 (dragon snake fortune brave sheep) tattooed on his arm like German footballer Torsten Frings. Or even the characters 酸甜鸭子7.99欧元 (sweet and sour duck 7.99 euro) that is said to be tattooed on Frings’ back.


tattoo footballer


Check out this link:

Kanji Fail: Japanese World Cup fans notice Greek player’s strange tattoo


Chinese flight attendants wear team Brazil jerseys and mini-skirts to celebrate World Cup


flight attendant brazil world cup jersey4

RocketNews 24:


Team Japan’s female fans have already shown us how to wear the mighty Samurai Blue jersey the cutest way, but if online reaction is anything to go by, these Chinese flight attendants get a hat trick in style. Their special World Cup in-flight service has been pleasing passengers and netizens alike.

Their choice of jersey may seem odd, until you realize China’s men’s team is ranked 103rd in FIFA’s rankings, just one spot behind Equatorial Guinea. With no home jersey to don for the World-Cup-themed in-flight service, the lovely ladies of Lucky Air, a domestic Chinese airline based in Yunnan Province, have chosen to wear the hosting team’s yellow and green kits.


flight attendant brazil world cup jersey3

flight attendant brazil world cup jersey

flight attendant brazil world cup jersey2

flight attendant brazil world cup jersey5

flight attendant brazil world cup jersey6

flight attendant brazil world cup jersey7


Japanese netizens have shown their fondness for #10 and online reports claim the overhead compartments have been redecorated with World Cup images and game schedules. But for some reason, when we try to search for photos of the interior of the plane, we keep getting bombarded with more photos of Lucky Air’s flight attendants…strange.


Check out this link:

Chinese flight attendants wear team Brazil jerseys and mini-skirts to celebrate World Cup