South Korean rapper G-Dragon visits photographer Terry Richardson’s studio


After visiting Terry Richardson’s studio in 2012,  South Korean rapper G-Dragon returns to team up with the controversial photographer once again.

In the candid images, the musician channels his boisterous personality for the snaps, wearing leather pants and an oversized muscle T-shirt. In the past, the rapper has worked with Giuseppe Zanotti to release an exclusive capsule collection and even DRx Romanelli, for a collaborative project along with YG Entertainment










It’s shocking how much money K-Pop stars actually make


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To most Westerners, the world of K-pop stars (especially the dudes) looks understandably ridiculous. But hey, we don’t judge people on looks and cultural differences. Instead, we judge them by how much money they make — and damn, we never could have guessed that ultra-feminine boys in eyeliner made this much money.

The three major K-pop labelsSM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, and JYP Entertainment (all very original agency names) — have reported record profits this year. Their clients are the hottest K-pop groups out right now and they each made this much in the first half of 2014:

SuperJunior — $28,491,105.00


Girls’ Generation — $27,796,200.00

Big Bang — $26,985,594.00
big bang

2NE1 — $25,253,338.00


When those numbers are doubled for a rough yearly total, each group takes away at least $50 million, which includes tours, brand deals, albums and everything else, though that’s still not a lot for a group like SuperJunior, who has to split their nearly $57 million between their inefficient 10-member money-making bandwagon.

No, it’s not quite Beyonce or Bieber money, who raked in $115 million and $80 million, respectively, in 2014, but the top K-pop groups earned more than stars like Rihanna ($48 million), Katy Perry ($40 million), Jennifer Lopez ($37 million), Miley Cyrus ($36 million) and almost as much as Taylor Swift ($64 million).

But before you decide to pack up and move to South Korea, slap on some mascara and join a boy band (also applies for girl bands), those millions really only belong to the most successful groups. The average amount that K-pop groups make is like the difference between Bill Gates and your current bank account. While they are making more money every year, the average take home is $42,940.91, which isn’t so bad if you consider a driving a Hyundai baller.


If you didn’t know that K-pop stars are pretty baller, now you do. You’re welcome.

Introducing Moonshot: The new cosmetic line from Kpop record label YG Entertainment

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YG Entertainment, the company that brought big names like Big Bang and 2NE1 to international audiences, is now taking on the cosmetic scene! Coming from one of the pioneers that put Kpop at the forefront of music, the line can only be appropriately called “Moonshot.”

The concept of Moonshot draws inspiration from Apollo 11’s successful landing on the moon in 1969, when a dream became reality. They line is intended for those who aim for the moon and for those who strive to be trendsetters — that’s quite apparent in the collection. The line’s bright, vivid colors boldly standout in comparison to the soft pastel colors that have been trending lately in South Korea.


Moonshot's Power Duo collection


Moonshot currently has their Flagship Store open in Seoul, but recently they released their online store. However, for those of us who can’t read Hangul, we’ll have to wait until Moonshot debuts their English website in January 2015.


Stick Extreme, a multi-use item for your eyes, cheeks, and lips

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