visvim (Japan) 2015 Spring/Summer Preview


Image of visvim 2015 Spring/Summer Preview
Japanese Americana brand visvim took to Paris this past week to preview its forthcoming 2015 spring/summer collection. Drawing inspiration from various casual cultures in the West and mixing them with sensibilities from the East, we’re presented with an expansive range that includes a multitude of footwear choices, lightweight outerwear and a bevy of wardrobe staples.
Be on the lookout for a deeper look into next year’s offering as we move closer to its release.
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Image of visvim 2015 Spring/Summer Preview
Image of visvim 2015 Spring/Summer Preview
Image of visvim 2015 Spring/Summer Preview
Image of visvim 2015 Spring/Summer Preview
Image of visvim 2015 Spring/Summer Preview
Image of visvim 2015 Spring/Summer Preview
Image of visvim 2015 Spring/Summer Preview
Image of visvim 2015 Spring/Summer Preview


Y-3 Spring/Summer 2015 Show – Street Style & Behind the Scenes


Continuing our coverage of Paris Fashion Week, we ventured to Yohji Yamamoto‘s Y-3 Spring/Summer 2015 presentation in order to catch a glimpse of those in attendance and some behind the scenes action. Yamamoto’s most recent show saw the guests mixing and matching formalwear getups with standout items from brands likes adidas and Nike.
In addition to capturing the looks and styles outside of the show, we were also able to capture some of the actual presentation as well as some of the key individuals who sat in the first few rows. Enjoy!
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VAIO Re-Launches, Introduces the New Pro & Fit Laptops


Image of VAIO Re-Launches, Introduces the New Pro & Fit Laptops

As Sony prepares to complete the sale of its VAIO PC brand in July, the new brand is already setting plans in motion to pick up where it left off. Officially founded on July 1, the VAIO Corporation has started selling both the VAIO Fit and VAIO Pro computers in Japan without Sony branding, although the tech giant is offering a helping hand by carrying the brand on its website.

VAIO has said that it will keep things compact for the time being, retaining no more than 240-300e mployees but keeping VAIO’s legacy and design DNA intact. The company was taken on by Japan Industrial Partners (JIP) with Sony investing five percent in the company while it refocuses its development and sales direction on smartphones and tablets.

VAIO has so far yet to announce whether it will take its operations overseas outside of Japan.


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VAIO Re-Launches, Introduces the New Pro & Fit Laptops


Image of VAIO Re-Launches, Introduces the New Pro & Fit Laptops
Image of VAIO Re-Launches, Introduces the New Pro & Fit Laptops
Image of VAIO Re-Launches, Introduces the New Pro & Fit Laptops
Image of VAIO Re-Launches, Introduces the New Pro & Fit Laptops



Daft Punk x Medicom (Japan) Real Action Heroes “Random Access Memories” Figures


Image of Daft Punk x Medicom Real Action Heroes “Random Access Memories” Figures


Music’s most famous robotic duo teams up with toy specialists Medicom Toy as a part of the brand’s Real Action Heroes series. The 300mm “Random Access Memories” figures are done in the likenesses of Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo in their chrome-laden best, just as they appeared through promotion of their Grammy-winning 2013 album.

Hedi Slimane’s daring glitter costumes have been faithfully replicated here, while the plated helmets have been expertly sculpted by PERFECT-STUDIO. The Daft Punk x Medicom Real Action Heroes “Random Access Memories” collectible figures are available now on Medicom’s website.


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Daft Punk x Medicom (Japan) Real Action Heroes “Random Access Memories” Figures


Levi’s “Made in Japan” Fall/Winter 2014 Collection


Levi’s has released the world’s first machine Made in Japan collection of denim. Previously available only in Japan, the line is a cooperation between Levi’s design team and various Japanese producers and artists, celebrating Japanese craftsmanship and quality in denim.
For this collection they worked with Okinawa-based artist and colorist Yogu (Yuichiro Koguro). Inspired by California’s Yosemite National Park, the collection features color-intensive, high-contrast finishes, snow-whitening techniques, reinforced repair patches and elaborate detailing.
Limited editions of 513 and 501 jeans, as well as the Barstow Western shirt, are available from July in select Levi’s stores and online.




The PS4’s gamepad now works wirelessly with your PS3


PlayStation 3 and a DualShock 4 controller



If you’ve wanted to use the PlayStation 4‘s (arguably superior) DualShock 4 controller with a PS3, you’ve so far had to plug it in; that’s not easy if your couch and TV are at opposite ends of the living room. It’s a good thing, then, that Sony has quietly enabled wireless support for the newer DualShock through its latest PS3 firmware update.

It’s still treated as a generic controller without motion or vibration, and game compatibility is somewhat spotty, but it’s now relatively safe to ditch the USB cable while playing. You can check out Reddit’s instructions for pairing the gamepad with your PS3 at the source link, and here’s hoping that it eventually gets first-class treatment.


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 The PS4’s gamepad now works wirelessly with your PS3


Celebrate the Tanabata star festival with beautiful Milky Way red bean gelatin


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RocketNews 24:


Recently we talked about a shop in Kanagawa Prefecture that sells styish kamaboko fish cakes decorated to look like the beautiful hydrangeas that bloom during Japan’s rainy season. But what if your palate runs more towards the sweet than the fishy, or your ideal of natural beauty isn’t the flowers growing from the soil, but the stars above?

In that case, one Kyoto confectioner has just the thing: sweet bean gelatin modeled after the Milky Way.

Yokan is a traditional dessert made from red bean paste and agar, and while it tastes great, it’s not much to look at, ordinarily.


▼ Visually, it’s the tofu of sweets.

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We say ordinarily because Shichijo Kanshundo, a maker of Japanese sweets that opened in Kyoto in 1865, also has yokan that looks like this.


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Sold only during June and July, the special Ama no Gawa (Milky Way) yokan celebrates Tanabata, the annual festival based on the legend of two lovers, represented by stars on opposite sides of the Milky Way, who can only be together for one night a year.

Most parts of Japan hold their Tanabata festivities on July 7. Unfortunately, this special celestial yokan, a pack of which costs 864 yen (US $8.50) and can be ordered here, is so popular that Shichijo Kanshundo won’t be able to ship the next batch of orders until after June 20.

Still, in some regions Tanabata festivals don’t take place until early August, by which time stargazers with a sweet tooth should have the Ama no Gawa yokan in their hands. Shichijo Kanshundo’s recommends serving the treat chilled, and while the company’s website doesn’t mention it specifically, we assume it’s implied that they taste best eaten outdoors, at night, under the summer sky.


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 Celebrate the Tanabata star festival with beautiful Milky Way red bean gelatin